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Sigrid wants to collab with Shawn Mendes.

WATCH: Sigrid Reveals She Wouldn't Rule Out A Collab With Shawn Mendes

14 days ago

Sigrid performed a breathtaking live session at Capital's All Star Bar.

WATCH: Sigrid Performs A Stunning Live Session Of Her New Song 'Sucker Punch', 'Strangers' & A Coldplay Cover

14 days ago

Love Island's Dr. Alex can't believe The Simpsons 'predicted' his catch phrase before him

The Simpsons 'Predicted' Dr. Alex's Catchphrase Years Before Him

22 days ago

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Pete Davidson revealed all on his relationship with Ariana Grande.

WATCH: Pete Davidson Reveals The Shocking Death Threats He Received For Dating Ariana Grande

24 days ago

Millie Bobby Brown joined Adam Levine on stage to rap during 'Girls Like You'

WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Raps Cardi B’s ‘Girls Like You’ Verse On Stage With Maroon 5

25 days ago