WATCH: Stormzy Had A Hilarious Interaction With Bart Simpson At Ed Sheeran's Concert

4 July 2022, 13:00 | Updated: 4 July 2022, 14:34

Nancy Cartwright had a hilarious interaction with Stormzy

Capital FM

By Capital FM

Roman Kemp introduced the voice of Bart Simpson to Stormzy at Ed Sheeran's Wembley gig.

Nancy Cartwright, aka the voice of Bart Simpson went to Ed Sheeran's concert where she had a hilarious interaction with Stormzy.

Nancy was invited to the Wembley Stadium gig after being introduced to the 'Shivers' singer on Capital Breakfast back in June 2021.

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The Simpsons star took Roman Kemp as her date and the pair were invited backstage where they bumped into some famous faces.

Nancy Cartwright joined Capital Breakfast
Nancy Cartwright joined Capital Breakfast. Picture: Station owned

"We’re backstage, about to leave and suddenly we see Stormzy, so I go up to him and say ‘Dude, I need to introduce you to my mate Nancy’.”

“Stormzy’s standing there, he’s 6ft 6, he’s huge and then you’ve got Nancy Cartwright who’s 4ft 10. Nancy goes up to Stormzy, looks at him and says ‘Dude, I need to do something, close your eyes’.”

"She then literally hits him with a 'I’m Bart Simpson, your name's Stormzy but who the hell are you really?'.”

Nancy Cartwright & Stormzy
Nancy Cartwright & Stormzy. Picture: Station owned

“Stormzy was darting around the dressing room, he was grabbing everyone and then he’s going ‘Can I get a picture with you!?’”

"This 6ft 6 bloke just crumbled.”

Obsessed with this unlikely duo!

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