Tom Holland And Zendaya’s Complete Relationship Timeline

3 May 2024, 17:01

Tom Holland and Zendaya are the best of friends as well as boyfriend and girlfriend
Tom Holland and Zendaya are the best of friends as well as boyfriend and girlfriend. Picture: Alamy
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Spider-Man stars Tom Holland and Zendaya were the celebrity friendship duo we were all envious of... and now they're officially dating!

Pictures of Tom Holland and Zendaya kissing in 2021 confirmed they were in a relationship after years of insisting they were simply besties.

Tom and Zendaya of course play the iconic Peter Parker and MJ in Spider-Man, with a fourth film soon putting the couple back behind the camera!

Marvel fans were always rooting for the stars to get together and start dating – and three years ago they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, with multiple red carpet appearances and public PDAs already ticked off. As everyone's fave showbiz couple, fans live in fear of rumours they've broken up, but as it stands these two are very much still together.

We’re taking a look back at their entire friendship and relationship timeline, from genuine besties to actual boyfriend and girlfriend and all their cute moments in between. How long have they been together and when did they start dating?

Celebrity Sightings In New York - April 23, 2024
Zendaya on the press tour for Challengers. Picture: Getty

Zendaya and Tom Holland 'talking about marriage'

Amid the excitement of Zendaya's new film Challengers sources have claimed the couple are now talking about getting married.

They've been plagued with engagement rumours for the longest time but now it sounds like it's defo on the cards!

Tom Holland and Zendaya looked like any other loved-up couple watching the tennis in March 2024
Tom Holland and Zendaya looked like any other loved-up couple watching the tennis in March 2024. Picture: Getty

Tom Holland and Zendaya have the best time watching tennis

Tom and Zendaya continue to silence split rumours with their recent outings, delighting fans when they watched the tennis at the BNP Paribas Open on 17th March. The adorable couple were caught singing to Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' with Tom even dancing along.

They were also filmed fist bumping and larking about like any other loved-up couple.

Zendaya praised her boyfriend Tom's 'natural rizz'
Zendaya praised her boyfriend Tom's 'natural rizz'. Picture: Getty

Zendaya praises boyfriend Tom's 'natural rizz'

Zendaya had the most adorable things to say about boyfriend Tom while she promoted Dune 2 with Buzzfeed. The actress was asked to name the cast member 'with the most rizz' and she brought up her boyfriend despite him not being in the film.

"Rizz is short for charisma, right? Everybody's kind of got their own," she replied. "I think someone who has beautiful charisma, not on the Dune cast, but personally... works for me is Mr Tom Holland. I'm more shy and like kind of quiet. So it takes a little bit more to like pull me out my shell. But he's great at just like talking to people and getting to know people."

Stop, we simply cannot cope!

Tom and Zendaya hand-in-hand after Dune 2 Premiere

After Zendaya broke the internet with her robotic look at the Dune: Part Two world premiere in London, she made a rare appearance hand-in-hand with boyfriend Tom for the afterparty.

They matched in black outfits and looked as in love as ever. This was a big moment for the couple as they hadn't been pictured together in a while which had fans concerned that they had split.

Zendaya had two outfit changes for he World premiere of the film Dune: Part 2
Zendaya had two outfit changes for he World premiere of the film Dune: Part 2. Picture: Alamy

Tom Holland denies split from Zendaya

Tom was forced to deny assumptions that he'd split from Zendaya, after she unfollowed everyone on Instagram including her own boyfriend.

While the actor was being followed by a TMZ reporter they asked him about the rumours of a breakup and he confirmed: "No, absolutely not."


Tom Holland and Zendaya watch Beyoncé's birthday edition of 'Renaissance'

In September 2023 Tom and Zendaya were spotted back at Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' concert, this time in LA for Bey's birthday show.

They arrived hand-in-hand, with Zendaya's mum joining them for the star-studded show too. The Kardashians, Adele, Justin Bieber, Lizzo and Katy Perry were also spotted in the crowd and matched in shimmering silver outfits for the special edition of Queen Bey's concert.

It was the second time Tom and Zendaya watched Bey – the first time they watched her in Warsaw, Poland and were spotted dancing and singing along to 'Love On Top', a viral moment that warmed all our hearts.

Tom Holland has the cutest birthday tribute for Zendaya

Tom Holland had the cutest birthday post for Zendaya
Tom Holland had the cutest birthday post for Zendaya. Picture: Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom had a hilarious – but adorable – birthday post for Zendaya as she celebrated turning 27.

Taking to Instagram Stories he posted a snap of Zendaya on a boat, preparing to go snorkelling and holding an enthusiastic thumbs up. Tom wrote in the caption: "My birthday girl."

Our hearts!!!

Zendaya and Tom join forces for Project Backboard in Oakland

Zendaya and Tom got involved with Project Backboard on 26th August, for an event put on by an organisation which renovates public basketball courts.

The couple looked as loved up as ever at the event, with Tom supporting his girlfriend and even playing in a basketball game as Zendaya cheered him on from the sidelines.

Zendaya addresses what it's like to have public interest in her relationship with Tom Holland

In a cover interview with Elle magazine, Zendaya was asked about how she copes with having such immense interest in her relationship with Tom. She said: “Parts of my life, I accept, are going to be public. I can’t not be a person and live my life and love the person I love. But also, I do have control over what I choose to share.

"It’s about protecting the peace and letting things be your own but also not being afraid to exist. You can’t hide. That’s not fun, either. I am navigating it more than ever now.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been dating longer than we all thought

Tom made us all think he and Zendaya have been dating longer than they let on, after he recalled a time he 'fixed' her door.

In an adorable admission while hanging out with UniLad, he said: "I fixed my girlfriend's door once. Really early on in our relationship I was hanging at her house and her door was broken, and I was like, 'I'm gonna fix that door for you.'" He coyly added: "And now we're in love."

Fans have since unearthed a 2019 interview clip from when Tom appeared on Jimmy Fallon, telling the exact same story but saying 'friend' instead of Zendaya. We're onto you, guys!

Tom Holland confesses Zendaya was his childhood celeb crush

It seems Tom's love for Zendaya began a long time before their romance started after the actor admitted he's had eyes for his GF since his childhood!

In a video interview with BuzzFeed, Tom was asked a series of questions which he had to answer quickly, and his easiest response of all was when he was asked: “Who was your childhood celeb crush?”

Without hesitation, Tom replied: “Zendaya. Easy.”

We can imagine a younger Tom crushing on Zendaya during her Disney Channel days and it has warmed our hearts!

Zendaya gushes over Tom in a sweet birthday tribute as he turns 27

To mark his 27th year around the sun, Zendaya shared the most adorable tribute to her beau!

The Euphoria star took to her Instagram Stories to share two never-before-seen snaps of the actor during their holiday as she simply added heart-eye emojis over the photos.

She also rushed to like a picture he posted, where he thanked everyone for their birthday messages as he shared a picture of himself and joked it was the 'sexiest picture ever taken' of him.

It didn't take long until another heart-eye emoji was found in his comments, courtesy of his girlfriend - proving they're still as loved-up as ever!

Zendaya shared a sweet birthday tribute to her beau Tom Holland
Zendaya shared a sweet birthday tribute to her beau Tom Holland. Picture: Zendaya/Instagram

Zendaya and Tom share a kiss during romantic trip to Venice

Let's face it, it doesn't get more romantic than Venice! Zendaya and Tom were spotted on a date in The Floating City and they even took a boat ride on the famous canals.

The famous pair looked absolutely smitten in photos obtained by this publication, they were snapped by paparazzi sharing a kiss during their dreamy trip away – we can't get over these two!

Tom and Zendaya re-ignite engagement rumours

Zendaya sparked rumours all over again that she and Tom are engaged after hiding her left hand in her pocket while posing with a fan.

It came just a matter of weeks after she tucked her hand out of sight in another the photo with Culinary Director and Executive Chef, Surender Mohan, after she and Tom dined at his restaurant.

Zendaya and Tom take date night to an Usher concert

Zendaya had everyone in their feels when she shared a rare insight into one of her nights out with boyfriend Tom and it looked like the perfect date!

The loved-up couple attended Usher's Las Vegas residency on April 27 and the Euphoria actress couldn't resist but share a clip of her singing along during the concert.

In the clip Zendaya can be seen sitting next to her beau as well as some of her family members – aw! She captioned the video: "Childhood dream come true, going to an @usher concert."

Zendaya and Tom Holland enjoy Usher concert

Zendaya and Tom pose with London chef on date night

Zendaya and Tom Holland dined at a Mayfair restaurant in London
Zendaya and Tom Holland dined at a Mayfair restaurant in London. Picture: Instagram

During a recent trip to London in March, Zendaya and Tom stopped by Mayfair restaurant Jamavar, where they not only enjoyed a Michelin-star meal, but posed with Culinary Director and Executive Chef, Surender Mohan.

The pair looked suave as ever as they posed with the chef, who uploaded the snap to Instagram, writing: "Was a pleasure having @zendaya & @tomholland2013 dine with us @jamavarlondon this afternoon."

However, their sweet photo was soon flooded with comments about how Zendaya had tucked her left hand out of sight.

Zendaya wore a lavender dress with tights and boots, accessorised with a tan coat, whilst Tom donned a striped rainbow jumper, brown trousers and a brown checkered blazer.

Always couple goals!

Zendaya wears a ring dedicated to Tom

In the 'before' nail photos Zendaya's manicurist uploaded her ring engraved with Tom Holland's initials is clear
In the 'before' nail photos Zendaya's manicurist uploaded her ring engraved with Tom Holland's initials is clear. Picture: Marina Dobyk/Instagram

In pictures uploaded by nail artist Marina Dobyk, Zendaya was seen wearing a gold signet ring engraved with her boyfriend Tom's initials; 'T' and 'H'.

While it's not one of those rings, the piece of jewellery does hold a lot of sentimental value and it's clearer than ever just how serious Tom and Zendaya are about one another.

Zendaya joins Tom Holland's family in London

In pictures obtained by MailOnline, Zendaya and Tom proved they're just like any other couple in their mid-20s in charge of 'the big shop', heading to Waitrose together while she visited in London.

Zendaya sweetly smiled at her beau after he was stopped by a fan for a photo as they left the supermarket.

Earlier on in the week, Zendaya joined Tom's family for a stroll with their dogs, chatting happily to his dad as he and his mum walked ahead.

Zendaya at the 54th Annual NAACP Image Awards
Zendaya at the 54th Annual NAACP Image Awards. Picture: Getty

Tom Holland is ever the supportive bf with a cute comment on Zendaya's Insta upload

After Zendaya posted her stunning lewk from the NAACP Awards, for which she wore a black gown with neon green detailing, boyfriend Tom wasted no time in sharing his appreciation for her gorgeous get-up.

Keeping his adoration to a few telling emojis, Tom left a string of heart-eye emojis underneath Zendaya's upload. Naturally, the comments that ensued were filled with reactions like: "Cute!" and "You are a lucky man!"

Tom Holland and Zendaya have kept their relationship pretty low-key
Tom Holland and Zendaya have kept their relationship pretty low-key. Picture: Getty

Fans think Tom Holland and Zendaya are engaged

Tom and Zendaya seem as loved-up as ever, so it came as no surprise when headlines started to crop up reporting that the co-stars-turned-partners were engaged!

However, the claims have since been disproved as Zendaya's protective mother put the rumours to rest. She posted to her Instagram Story: "Clickbait typically refers to the practice of writing sensationalized or misleading headlines in order to attract clicks on a piece of content."

It didn't take long for fans to realise that the post was referring to the speculation about the Spider-Man stars becoming 'fiancés'.

Despite the false engagement news, Zendaya and Tom do seem to be getting serious! In November it was reported that the pair was in "settling down mode" – only time will tell!

Tom Holland and Zendaya enjoyed a romantic trip to Paris

Where better to vacation than the capital of love; Paris - fitting for lovebirds Tom and Zendaya.

The pair were spotted enjoying the most romantic trip as they had an elegant date day at the Louvre museum, before enjoying a more low-key date night at the burlesque, where they were spotted by fans getting cosy as they enjoyed the show.

Tom Holland was the first person Zendaya texted after historic Emmy win

Zendaya celebrated a historic win during the 74th Emmys when she took home the coveted Oustanding Leading Actress Award in a Drama Series award for her role as Rue Bennett on HBO's Euphoria.

The award made the former Disney darling the youngest person to win two Emmys in the same category and the first Black woman to win Lead Actress twice!

Tom Holland was not present at the ceremony (but Zendaya did take her mum as her date – aw!) as he remains in New York as he continued filming for his upcoming project, The Crowded Room.

But that doesn't mean the loving boyfriend wasn't there in spirit! Zendaya revealed on the red carpet that the first person she would message following a victory would be her other half – adorable!

Tom Holland was the first person Zendaya told she'd won
Tom Holland was the first person Zendaya told she'd won. Picture: Getty

Tom Holland and Zendaya celebrate her 26th birthday

Unlike last year, Tom didn't mark girlfriend Zendaya's birthday on social media after choosing to take a break from the app. Instead, the couple spent some quality time together and headed out for dinner in New York.

Zendaya looked as beautiful as always in a long-sleeve black crop top and jeans while Tom also cut a casual figure in a head-to-toe navy outfit.

The day after her birthday Zendaya took to Instagram to post a throwback picture of herself as a tot in a pool, writing: "I get to spend the day responding to the most beautiful messages (sorry I’m a little late) thank ya’ll for filling my heart with so much love, I couldn’t be more grateful Here’s to 26!"

Zendaya shares adorable birthday post for Tom Holland

Zendaya just warmed our hearts more than we thought imaginable after sharing the most adorable birthday post dedicated to her beau.

Celebrating Tom turning another year older, the actress shared a black-and-white snap of the couple looking loved-up on her Instagram, simply writing: "Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest <3."

Words aren't enough for how sweet they are!

Tom Holland tells Zendaya 'you look so beautiful'

In an unearthed video from a press day Tom and Zendaya were doing no doubt for their latest Spider-Man flick, Tom can be heard telling his girlfriend: "You look so beautiful, darling" before they realised the cameras were rolling.

To make things 10 X cuter, Zendaya responded: "So do you."


Tom Holland leaves the cutest comment on Zendaya's post

Zendaya undeniably stunned when she posted a gorgeous photo to the 'Gram as she sported a vintage Balmain gown – Tom's reply in the comments was just the cherry on top.

The Marvel man hyped up his woman with one simple word: "First." Holland got his comment in early doors, making everyone laugh in the process – he's not just her boyfriend but a fan too!

The quip from the Spider-Man star quickly racked up all the likes, amassing over 140k within the first day of the post.

Fans couldn't help but comment on the co-stars' adorable love, writing: "Tom being Zendaya’s number one fan is my favourite thing ever."

Tom Holland and Zendaya wear matching jerseys at ice hockey game

Just a day after the A-list couple were spotted colour-coordinating their elegant dinner outfits, Tom and Zendaya gave fans another glimpse of how in-sync they are with their styles.

Proving they're the most stylish and loved-up duo around, the Spider-Man co-stars donned matching jerseys during a New York Rangers ice hockey game.

If that wasn't adorable enough, they sported jerseys with each other's names on - (yes, we're casually crying too!)

Zendaya and Tom Holland holding hands during romantic outing sends fans into meltdown

Tom Holland and Zendaya hold hands during date night in NYC
Tom Holland and Zendaya hold hands during date night in NYC. Picture: Getty

There's never enough Zendaya and Tom Holland content, right?

The pair proved to be more loved-up than ever during an outing in New York City, where they were spotted holding hands.

We don't know what's cuter, their adorable PDA or the fact they were wearing colour-coordinated outfits!

A compilation video of Tom Holland and Zendaya being in sync goes viral

Tom Holland and Zendaya started dating in 2021
Tom Holland and Zendaya started dating in 2021. Picture: Getty

Proving they're the ultimate relationship goals, fans of the A-list couple have found Tom Holland and Zendaya's most adorable moments and put them together in a video montage which has gone viral.

The compilation shows every time the pair have been in sync with each other and fans can't get enough of how much they're always on the same page!

If the clip doesn't make you teary, we don't know what will!

Zendaya's Dune outfit was show-stopping
Zendaya's Dune outfit was show-stopping. Picture: Getty

Tom Holland praises Zendaya's fashion award win in adorable post

Tom couldn't help but gush over his beau as she walked away from the CFDA Fashion Awards with a very coveted accolade.

The 25-year-old picked up the Fashion Icon award at the lavish event on November 10th – and Holand had nothing but words of adoration for his girlfriend.

He took to Instagram and professed his pride alongside a stunning snap of the actress: "Naaa stop it. An incredible achievement for the most incredible person [sic].

"Congrats @zendaya and @luxurylaw you guys deserve every bit of this."

This Marvel man sure knows how to be a supportive partner!

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet discuss her relationship with Tom Holland

Timothée Chalamet And Zendaya Take The BFF Test

During a chat with Buzzfeed about their new movie together Dune, Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet briefly gave a nod to the actress' romance with Tom Holland and it was the sweetest thing!

The co-stars were asked to guess each other's biggest celebrity crush and without hesitation, Timothée quickly responded: "Easy, Tom Holland," which was followed by a very giggly reaction from Zendaya - we will take as agreement!

Tom Holland gives girlfriend Zendaya's red carpet look a shoutout

Proving he's #BoyfriendGoals, Tom posted a tribute to girlfriend Zendya's beautiful ensemble at the Dune premiere, adding a heart-eyes emoji to his caption of the film name.

Zendaya responded with the glossy-eyes emoji, proving even she can't handle his cuteness.

Tom Holland and Zendaya go Instagram official

Tom Holland had the cutest birthday message for Zendaya
Tom Holland had the cutest birthday message for Zendaya. Picture: Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom and Zendaya finally confirmed their relationship over on Instagram on her 25th birthday on 1 September.

Alongside a sweet selfie taken during a break from filming Spider-Man he wrote: "My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when you're up xxx."

'My MJ!'... Tom, our hearts cannot take it.

Tom Holland and Zendaya attend a wedding together

In mid-August, the young couple were photographed at a wedding in which they attended as a couple!

The secretive duo remain tight-lipped about their romance but, as you know, a picture says a thousand words...

The snap was posted to an Instagram story by fellow ceremony attendee, Esteban Camarillo, and shows the co-stars in an embrace surrounded by fellow guests.

Going to a wedding together is quite the relationship milestone!

Zendaya and Tom Holland cosy up at a friend's wedding
Zendaya and Tom Holland cosy up at a friend's wedding. Picture: Instagram

Zendaya and Tom Holland have romantic holiday together

Zendaya and Tom were pictured on their way back home after a short getaway together in Santa Barbara – nothing says serious romance like a vacay.

It's believed they spent the Fourth of July weekend together – which is when they were pictured kissing in the car.

When did Zendaya and Tom Holland start dating?

Tom Holland and Zendaya (pictured in 2017) were papped kissing in LA in July 2021
Tom Holland and Zendaya (pictured in 2017) were papped kissing in LA in July 2021. Picture: Getty

On 1 July 2021, Tom and Zendaya seemed to confirm their relationship status by sharing a kiss while sat in their parked car together.

They were also seen larking around and laughing, proving their friendship is still as close as ever despite taking things to a romantic level.

It wouldn't be the first time stars of the Spiderman franchise took their relationship off-screen, with OG Peter Parker Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst enjoying a short romance after meeting on the 2002 film and The Amazing Spiderman's Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dating for four years until 2015.

Tom Holland and Zendaya film Spider-Man 3 together

Just when you thought the world was running low on Tom and Zendaya content no thanks to the pandemic, our two favourite co-stars were back to work on Spider-Man 3 at the start of 2021.

The stars were papped filming on a snowy set and they looked so happy to be back at work, with Zendaya grinning as Tom walked into a bakery to meet her, which is exactly the reaction we would have if actual Peter Parker was walking our way and we were surrounded by freshly-baked goods.

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been friends since 2016
Tom Holland and Zendaya have been friends since 2016. Picture: Getty

Tom Holland and Zendaya address ongoing dating rumours

We’ve lost count of how many times these two denied they’re dating, but Zendaya made it pretty clear way back in August 2017, during her chat with Variety magazine.

“We are friends. He’s a great dude. He’s literally one of my best friends. This past how many months we’ve had to do press tours together. There’s very few people that will understand what that’s like at 20 years old.”

The dating rumours have only fuelled their friendship though, with Zendaya sharing a report about their speculated romance on Twitter and hitting out: “Wait favorite is when it says we go on vacations together HA! I haven't been on a vacation in years! hbu @TomHolland1996 ???”

Tom quipped back: “Does the press tour count?”

Tom hangs out with Zendaya’s parents

Tom was seen hanging out with Zendaya’s parents in December 2017, but given these two quickly became ultimate best friends that’s nothing out of the ordinary!

Zendaya calls Tom her “favourite person”

In a video to warm even the coldest hearts, Zendaya called Tom her "favourite person” when he surprised children at a hospital in New York by dressing up as Spider-Man to meet them.

It came a few weeks after the pals posed together for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, cementing their status as the most powerful young actors in Hollywood.

When were Tom Holland and Zendaya cast in Spider-Man together?

Tom Holland shared this photo of Zendaya after they were cast in Spider-Man
Tom Holland shared this photo of Zendaya after they were cast in Spider-Man. Picture: Tom Holland/Instagram

Back to where it all began, Tom and Zendaya were cast in Spider-Man in July 2016.

We knew this friendship would be for real when he posted a photo of them relaxing in a swimming pool, captioning it oh so casually: “Summer Sundays.”

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