The Traitors Season 2 Cast In Full Including Their Ages And Where They're From

25 January 2024, 16:21

The Traitors is back with a new cast for series 2
The Traitors is back with a new cast for series 2. Picture: BBC

By Kathryn Knight

Get to know the cast of The Traitors series 2, including who are the traitors and who are the faithfuls.

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The Traitors series 2 saw a brand new cast of faithfuls and traitors hoping to win the £120k prize for themselves, by competing in a series of challenges without being banished or ‘killed’ by the traitors.

From an insurance broker and a retired teacher to a chess coach and a veterinary nurse, The Traitors series two contestants were raring to go when they were welcomed to Ardross Castle by host Claudia Winkleman and it didn't take long for viewers to spot their favourites; Harry, Diane, Ross and Myles.

Viewers are about to get to know the cast, some of who have a game plan and have been on TV before and some of who are there just to be themselves and see how far they get.

Get to know The Traitors contestants below.

The Traitors: Andrew
The Traitors: Andrew. Picture: BBC

Andrew – traitor

Age: 45

Job: Insurance Broker

From: Talbot Green

If Andrew wins the prize fund he plans to help others after experiencing a life-changing incident.

He said: "I believe I have an inspiring story; I was pronounced dead on the side of the road 23 years ago and I was in a coma for nearly five weeks. My parents were told I’d never walk ever again, I had brain damage and that there's a chance of me not waking up from my coma.

"My parents were told that if I did wake up, I’d never walk, talk or use my arms again and I may not recognise them. They were told to prepare for the worst. There's lots of things that happened to me, and the doctors call me a miracle patient."

He said of his plans for the prize fund: "I'd like to do something like personal training but also help people with their mental health."

The Traitors: Anthony
The Traitors: Anthony. Picture: BBC

Anthony – faithful

Age: 45

Job: Chess Coach

From: Birmingham

Anthony isn't thinking about what to do with the prize money until it's in his hands. He said: "I'll just do what I need to do every day and if I get the end result, then I can think what I'm going to do with it."

The Traitors: Ash
The Traitors: Ash. Picture: BBC

Ash – traitor

Age: 45

Job: Events Coordinator

From: London

Ash said of becoming a traitor: "It's a game, and if I need to wipe the floor with you to win, then that's exactly what I'll do."

She said she applied for the show for an 'adventure' and plans to use the money to get on the property ladder.

The Traitors: Aubrey
The Traitors: Aubrey. Picture: BBC

Aubrey – faithful

Age: 67

Job: Retired Shop Owner

From: Loughborough, Leicestershire

Aubrey's game plan is "to get on with everyone and to try and befriend everyone." He added: "If you're not going to be friendly with people, they're not going to like you, are they?"

He plans to spend the prize money on travelling the world, particularly New Zealand. "I’d also give some of the money to the Mykonos Animal Welfare charity," he said.

The Traitors: Brian
The Traitors: Brian. Picture: BBC

Brian – faithful

Age: 33

Job: Photographer

From: Glasgow

The contestant whose game plan is 'to not have a game plan,' Brian said he's simply going to take notes 'like a mad man' when he's alone at night.

Brian said: "Nothing too crazy, but I’d definitely take my girlfriend and her family away on holiday. They took me away on two holidays a few years ago and that was really lovely because I'd never had a holiday like that before and I'd love to do that again for them. I’d also like to put money towards the house as well."

The Traitors: Charlie
The Traitors: Charlie. Picture: BBC

Charlie – faithful

Age: 34

Job: Mental Health Area Manager

From: Bristol

Charlie said she applied for The Traitors because it's 'literally my personality' as she likes 'to analyse everything.'

She said of her plans for the prize fund: "I'm going to get married. I've been with my boyfriend for 11 years and we've been engaged for nine."

The Traitors: Charlotte
The Traitors: Charlotte. Picture: BBC

Charlotte – faithful

Age: 32

Job: Recruitment Manager

From: Warwickshire

Charlotte said she'll thrive in the challenges as she's 'an adrenaline junkie' and when it comes to catching the traitors she reckons she'll go far as she considers herself an 'underdog'.

She plans to spend the prize money by travelling across America with her wife and their two dogs, Lady and Lolly.

The Traitors: Diane
The Traitors: Diane. Picture: BBC

Diane – faithful

Age: 63

Job: Retired Teacher

From: Lancashire

Dianne applied for The Traitors after her children said she could never do something like this.

She said of her plans for the prize fund: "My house building work has doubled in budget so I'd have to say it would partially go on that. I would also love to take my children, and grandchildren, on a holiday. We haven’t seen much of each other this year so a nice holiday for us all would be great."

The Traitors: Evie
The Traitors: Evie. Picture: BBC

Evie – faithful

Age: 29

Job: Veterinary Nurse

From: Inverness

Evie applied for The Traitors after it was part of her '30 things to do before 30' list.

She said of her plans to spend the prize fund: "Well, because I’m in animal charity work, I want to move to a different location, have a small holding and rescue a bunch of animals."

The Traitors: Harry
The Traitors: Harry. Picture: BBC

Harry – traitor

Age: 22

Job: British Army Engineer

From: Slough

Harry said he'd work well as a traitor because he's 'already thought of everything' after watching the first series.

His plans to spend the prize fund revolve around his loved ones. He shared: "I think that my happiness really comes from making everyone around me happy, so I would want to use some of the money to treat my family and my girlfriend. The other thing is I would like to replace my car."

The Traitors: Jasmine
The Traitors: Jasmine. Picture: BBC

Jasmine – faithful

Age: 26

Job: Sales Executive

From: London

Jasmine said her game plan is to be "to try and be as open and friendly as possible."

Her plan for the prize fund would be to help her parents renovate their house so they can retire in it. She summarised: "Help my parents, go shopping a little bit and invest the rest."

The Traitors: Jaz
The Traitors: Jaz. Picture: BBC

Jaz – faithful

Age: 30

Job: National Account Manager

From: Manchester

Jaz said he'd bring his humble nature to the game: "Not to sound cocky or obnoxious, because I would like to consider myself quite humble, but I’ve been very fortunate to achieve certain accolades and things in my life, but nothing, apart from the missus and my wedding day, has meant more to me than this. So, I’m looking at really going for it."

His plans for the prize fund are to send his mum, wife and in-laws on on the Orient Express.

The Traitors: Jonny
The Traitors: Jonny. Picture: BBC

Jonny – faithful

Age: 31

Job: Ex-Military

From: Bedfordshire

Jonny said he'll bring his enthusiasm to the game, adding: "I’m a character, basically. Everyone my entire life has said 'Jonny, your life is like a film mate. The things you end up in.' I like to light up a room. I’ve had a lot of darkness around me a lot of my life and I think I’ve learnt to use humour to combat it."

He said of his plans to spend the prize fund: "I've thought about getting a top-of-the-range camper van to go out and about in. Sounds like a typical midlife crisis. Single, divorced bloke... but I’ve genuinely always been like that. The other thing that is important to me is to be able to make a difference to my kids' lives. I’d love to do as much as I possibly can for them and of course, money helps with that. That, for me, is my ultimate drive."

The Traitors: Kyra
The Traitors: Kyra. Picture: BBC

Kyra – faithful

Age: 21

Job: Apprentice Economist

From: Kent

Kyra's plans for prize fund if she wins it would be to help her sister with her wedding: "I'm really close with my sisters so I’d like to contribute some money to my sister’s wedding and maybe even her honeymoon. Secondly, it would be to help the rest of the family. I’d give some money to them so they’re financially stable as well, that’s the dream."

Her game plans involve playing on the fact everyone sees her as 'the innocent one.' She said: "In my workplace and my household, I'm always the little star, the little sister, a little baby, the innocent one that everyone always wants to look after. So, I'm going to try use that to my advantage at key moments, hopefully."

The Traitors: Meg
The Traitors: Meg. Picture: BBC

Meg – faithful

Age: 22

Job: Illustrator

From: Herefordshire

Asked if she has a game plan Meg said: "No, absolutely not at all. I feel like nothing can prepare you for what they’re going to throw at you to be honest."

On her plans for the prize fund Meg said: "It depends on the amount of money, but I know for a fact I want to help my parents pay their mortgage off." She added that she'd like to buy 'the most expensive pair of dungarees ever' because her pair 'has had it.'

The Traitors: Miles
The Traitors: Miles. Picture: BBC

Miles – Traitor

Age: 36

Job: Veterinary Nurse

From: Birmingham (lives in Worcestershire)

Miles applied for the show because, he "just thought I’ve done everything so 'correct'. When I saw the show, I thought it was quite clever, quite different. It was nicely done. I like that the show has normal, everyday people."

If he wins the prize fund he said he'd like to put it toward a new house: "What I really want to do is get our forever home. I’d like to pay off our debts and get into our forever home and really settle our roots."

The Traitors: Mollie
The Traitors: Mollie. Picture: BBC

Mollie - faithful

Age: 21

Job: Disability model

From: Bristol

Mollie said she applied for The Traitors because she 'loves adventure' and "I feel like I can really throw myself into [the missions]."

If she reaches the prize fund Mollie wants to put a deposit down on a house and then go travelling.

The Traitors: Paul
The Traitors: Paul. Picture: BBC

Paul - traitor

Age: 36

Job: Business Manager

From: Manchester

Paul applied for The Traitors after being encouraged by his friends and family, adding: "I thought this is definitely something I could get involved in and, you know what, I might be able to succeed in."

On his plans to win the prize fund Paul said: "It'll have to be a house. For myself, my partner, our little boy and our dog - I need to get us all a house!"

The Traitors: Ross
The Traitors: Ross. Picture: BBC

Ross - faithful (and a traitor for one day)

Age: 28

Job: Video Director

From: Lancashire

Ross described his game plan as: "I think I’ll bring a little bit of liveliness. I’m definitely not going in it to take it too seriously. Obviously, it is a game, and I am in it to play but, I’m not really there to play a game to be honest with you. I’m just in it to have a little bit of fun and hopefully, provide a little bit of energy to the camp."

Asked about his prize fund Ross said: "If I won, I don’t actually know. Maybe a mini holiday and then save up for a house? A bit boring, well the holiday isn’t, but you know, all the adult stuff."

The Traitors: Sonja
The Traitors: Sonja. Picture: BBC

Sonja - faithful

Age: 66

Job: Volunteer Business Mentor

From: Lancashire

Sonja applied for The Traitors because she wanted something that "would challenge me and test all of my abilities."

If she reaches the final, Sonja has admirable plans for the prize fund: "I would like to start my charity. Bringing the knitting of recycled materials to young people in difficult situations. It would be fantastic to have Tom Daley and Harry Styles as charity ambassadors too, both lovers of knitwear and excellent role models. I would also like to take my sister on a cruise."

The Traitors: Tracey
The Traitors: Tracey. Picture: BBC

Tracey - faithful

Age: 58

Job: Sonographer and Clairvoyant

From: Inverness

Tracey's heading onto the show without a game plan but used to be in the Air Force so is looking forward to the challenges and missions.

She said of her plans for the prize fund: "I would really love to retire. When I got divorced, I bought the house because I wanted to keep me and the kids in the family home for stability. I had to re-mortgage and consequently still owe loads of mortgage."

The Traitors: Zack
The Traitors: Zack. Picture: BBC

Zack - faithful

Age: 27

Job: Parliamentary Affairs Advisor

From: London

Zack said his game plan is to: "Try and get two, three, four people from different age groups and backgrounds and have their backs but kind of be secretly puppeteering from the background so they do the things I want them to do."

He said of how he'd spend the prize fund: "It's going to be a boring answer, but a deposit on a flat. The real answer, that my girlfriend doesn’t know, is I want to spend it on a Mazda MX-5, because I love cars and racing."

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