Who Are Diane And Ross? Everything You Need To Know About The Traitors’ Mother And Son Duo

10 January 2024, 17:14 | Updated: 18 January 2024, 16:46

Diane and Ross from The Traitors are mother and son
Diane and Ross from The Traitors are mother and son. Picture: BBC

By Kathryn Knight

Diane dropped the biggest twist of The Traitors season two when she revealed Ross is her son – but who are the mother and son competing in the game show – and who is Diane's famous son?

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The Traitors series two is full of twists and turns and one of the biggest shockers about a mother and son duo was dropped during episode three before things had even got going in the castle.

Diane revealed to viewers that she’s Ross’ mum after some of her fellow contestants suspected that Paul was her son due to the red hair and dark eyes.

In a confessional Diane dropped the bombshell: “Paul’s not my son, but Ross is,” in what’s already become one of the most iconic reality TV scenes of 2024. Around the same time it emerged Diane also has a famous son who starred in Game of Thrones – is there nothing this family can't do?! But we've got more on that below.

The mother and son duo are yet to share their relation with their co-stars and have been acting as complete strangers, with Ross even dissing his mum’s roast dinners right in front of her. Savage.

The cast of The Traitors series 2
The cast of The Traitors series 2. Picture: BBC

Are Diane and Paul mother and son on The Traitors?

Diane and Paul are indeed mother and son, something they’re not sharing with their fellow contestants on The Traitors but spilled to viewers during episode three of the show.

In a hilarious series of events, Zack shared his theory that Diane and Paul were mother and son with some of his co-stars. Once it got back to them, Diane and Paul laughed off the rumours, convincing viewers for a mere moment that they could be related after all and were just trying to cover it up. However, minutes later Diane said in a confessional: “Paul’s not my son. But Ross is.”

Viewers were then shown a montage of their interactions, starting with their conversation on the train in which Diane asked Ross why he signed up for the show and he bluntly responded, “my mum signed me up for it.”

There was also a scene where Diane appeared to be scolding Ross, in a way only a mother would, over keeping his opinions on who the traitors could be to himself.

The Traitors: Diane
The Traitors: Diane is Ross' mum. Picture: BBC

Who is Diane from The Traitors?

Diane, 63, is a retired teacher from Northern Ireland who now lives in Lancashire. She said she plans to use her experience of working in a school to her advantage, saying before she headed to The Traitors castle: “As a teacher at a PRU I've had to use tactics to get control of a classroom. I'd use humour a lot, and you had to know when to pick your battles."

She has a second son, Kerr Logan, who’s also known for starring in Game of Thrones, but we’ve got more on him below!

The Traitors: Ross
The Traitors: Ross' mum is Diane. Picture: BBC

Who is Ross from The Traitors?

Ross is a 28-year-old video director also based in Lancashire where his mum Diane lives, but his Instagram bio says he spends a lot of time ‘fumbling around London.’

He works on brand campaigns, adverts and films and has even worked with DJ duo Bicep and fitness company USA Pro.

The Traitors' Diane has a second son called Kerr
The Traitors' Diane has a second son called Kerr. Picture: Kerr Logan/Instagram

Who is Diane from The Traitors’ other son Kerr Logan?

Ross and mum Diane have another claim to fame outside of The Traitors; Diane’s other son, Ross' brother Kerr, appeared in Game of Thrones! He played Matthos Seaworth and appeared in four episodes of season two.

Kerr has been vocal on social media in supporting his brother and mum on The Traitors since their big secret was revealed.

He recently, brutally, tweeted: “Is it wrong I want Ross to be part of murdering mum?”

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