Where Do The Contestants Sleep On The Traitors?

4 January 2024, 11:18 | Updated: 11 January 2024, 17:44

The contestants on The Traitors sleep in their own individual lodgings
The contestants on The Traitors sleep in their own individual lodgings. Picture: BBC

By Kathryn Knight

The Traitors is back to consume our lives and once again fans have a lot of questions about the series, including where the contestants sleep.

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22 contestants returned to Ardross Castle for series two of The Traitors hosted by Claudia Winkleman, a competition series which sees the players compete for the £120k prize.

Each night three traitors, Harry, Paul and Miles, ‘kill off’ one contestant either for not pulling their weight or for coming close to finding out the traitors’ identity. To keep their identities hidden each player leaves the castle separately and is driven to accommodation where they sleep alone.

If the traitors come knocking, it means they’ve been killed off. However, the secretive nature of the show has left fans wondering where the contestants sleep and where the traitors stay overnight.

The Traitors castle is in Scotland
The Traitors castle is in Scotland. Picture: BBC

Where do the contestants sleep on The Traitors?

The Traitors contestants reportedly sleep in a hotel in Inverness Airport after they're driven away from the castle each night. In the US version of the show, which was filmed before the UK edition and is hosted by Alan Cumming, it was portrayed that the contestants slept at the castle as they were filmed heading upstairs to bed. However, it seems those scenes were just filmed for effect as he said in an interview with Screen Rant that instead the contestants ‘all stayed in a hotel in the Inverness airport.”

Similarly, before a ‘killing’ is made or a new traitor is chosen, the contestants in question are shown getting ready for bed in their rooms which look like they’re in the castle. However, this is also likely to be another scene filmed purely for dramatic effect and isn’t actually where the players spend the night.

The Traitors is back with a new cast for series 2
The Traitors is back with a new cast for series 2. Picture: BBC

Host Claudia Winkleman made it clear the contestants on The Traitors all sleep in individual lodgings, which they are driven to separately at the end of each day. After dinner, and sometimes drinks, a clock strikes later on in the evening marking the end of the day.

Each player is driven separately in a jeep, one by one, to their individual accommodation which is likely not too far from the castle. On the show it’s made clear the contestants leave separate to one another to avoid people potentially seeing where the others are staying.

On episode one each of the traitors stopped to speak to host Claudia as she gave them their cloaks and made them vow to keep their identities secret. This would have had to have been filmed well out of shot of the other players, particularly the faithfuls.

The Traitors' contestants spend most of the time in the castle
The Traitors' contestants spend most of the time in the castle. Picture: BBC

That same night Claudia told viewers the jeeps waiting outside the castle were for driving the contestants home individually.

However, they seem to arrive back at the castle in groups each morning, arriving through the door with a few of their co-stars – that is until the end of the series when hardly anyone is left.

Claudia Winkleman fronts The Traitors
Claudia Winkleman fronts The Traitors. Picture: BBC

Where do the Traitors stay overnight?

The Traitors have to return to the castle at night to decide who to kill off at the end of each day, so it's presumed they head back to their individual lodgings (the hotel at Inverness Airport), and are driven back to the castle for their meeting with their fellow traitors before they return home to their lodgings once the "killing" is complete.

It's made to appear they stay in the castle, but at the end of every episode we see each of the contestants driven away separately.

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