Is Love Island's Ronnie Vint Wearing A Wig?

19 June 2024, 11:31 | Updated: 20 June 2024, 12:03

Ronnie Vint joined Love Island 2024 as part of the original cast
Ronnie Vint joined Love Island 2024 as part of the original cast. Picture: ITV

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island’s Ronnie Vint has been rocking the boat in the villa but viewers have noticed something unusual about his head of hair. Is Ronnie wearing a wig? What’s going on with his hair? Here’s what we know.

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Love Island’s Ronnie Vint entered the villa full of confidence, already knowing ex-islander Olivia Attwood and her husband Bradley Dack.

The islander was initially coupled up with Jess White but his eyes began to wander towards Harriett Blackmore and after they coupled up his eyes wandered yet again towards the latest bombshell Tiffany Leighton.

Harriett was open to exploring a connection with Ronnie and suddenly found in the middle of a whole lot of drama, for which she was being blamed. It got to the point that even ex-islander Georgia Steel stepped up and publicly defended the contest.

But drama aside, fans have taken to the internet to figure out what’s not quite right about Ronnie’s hair. Is he wearing a wig? A lace front? Did he get implants? Or maybe he’s been experimenting with something else. Here's what we know.

Ronnie Vint is a footballer from London
Ronnie Vint is a footballer from London. Picture: ITV

Is Love Island’s Ronnie Vint’s hair real or is he wearing a wig?

No Ronnie is not wearing a wig, he uses hair fibre spray to fill in his balding spots.

Since arriving in the villa, Love Island fans have squinted their eyes at Ronnie’s hairline. Multiple Reddit threads have been set up with curious viewers wondering why something seemed a little off with his hair.

From the colour appearing slightly too dark in comparison to his facial hair to the texture and length, viewers have hit up the internet for answers on what they’re looking at.

When one viewer questioned why they couldn’t put their finger on what unsettled them about Ronnie’s hair, another replied on the thread, “I think it’s because it looks so much darker than his facial hair. His facial hair is so much lighter so having his hair.”

“That dark makes it obvious that he’s done something unnatural to it. Which is FINE, but I just think that is why you may be questioning it lol”

Ronnie Vint had a fling with ex-islander Amber Davies outside the villa
Ronnie Vint had a fling with ex-islander Amber Davies outside the villa. Picture: ITV

The two main theories viewers seem to have online were that Ronnie’s either wearing a wig or using spray-on hair fibres.

"Does Ronnie have a wig on? His hair looks the wrong texture. At the very least sprayed black," one fan commented on X (Formerly known as Twitter), whilst another agreed, writing, "Ronnie looks like he has a transparent lace front wig on."

The questions increased after episodes nine and ten, where footage was shown of the contestants going to bed and for a few seconds, Ronnie was seen sleeping and his hair looked significantly different to how it looked during the day.

Ronnie Vint is 27 years old
Ronnie Vint is 27 years old. Picture: Reddit

However, after being eliminated, ex-islanders Munveer and Patsy jumped on the podcast Not My Bagg and Munveer revealed the truth about Ronnie's hair.

"He's very open about it," Munveer started, "He was very open about it, he spoke to the boys, it's basically hair fibre."

"The fallbacks are gone, he's using hair fibre," Munveer explained quite nonchalantly.

Patsy finished with, "That's the tea!"

The conversation began after Munveer brought up how bizarrely Ronnie slept, "have you seen Ronnie sleep?"

Patsy jumped in saying "he literally sits upright" whilst Munveer reenacted the position with his arms crossed across his body.

According to the ex-islander, Ronnie sleeps with three pillows propping him up at a right angle, which fans online believed was to protect the fibres on his head.

Ronnie Vint knew Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack outside the villa
Ronnie Vint knew Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack outside the villa. Picture: Reddit

From the angle the camera captured, fans found Ronnie’s hairline seemed further back and the hair itself was thinner on the top.

Following this, a number of men shared their own experiences with using spray on hair fibres online.

“I used hair [fibres] years ago, and this is what it looks like. Thinning upfront, so Ronnie boy dashed it with [fibres] and a ton of hairspray. Confirmation will be if or when he goes in the pool. [Fibres] don't like water,” someone wrote on one Reddit thread.

Another concurred, adding, “It’s a sort of thickening spray that adds colour, you can spray it onto very very fine and thinning hair to make it look like there’s more. That’s why it has that matte finish.”

Munveer revealed in a podcast that Ronnie used hair fibres
Munveer revealed in a podcast that Ronnie used hair fibres. Picture: ITV

There’s so much conversation surrounding Ronnie’s hair that one fan had a laugh at the situation, claiming “Ronnie's hair is an honorary Islander at this point.”

But if the girls in the house are welcome to wigs and hair extensions, then as far as the fans online are concerned, so are the boys, “Every single girl has hair extensions to cover bald patches on the side or some even full on wear wigs,” a fan said in defence of Ronnie.

Appearing on Love Island means contestants get analysed to the nth degree and this fan felt there was a double standard if people felt fans were going in too hard on Ronnie, “Every girl's appearance gets analysed right from the jump so men should also be fair game,” they claimed.

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