5 Facts About Love Island 2024's Munveer Jabbal Including Age, Ethnicity & Instagram

3 June 2024, 21:00 | Updated: 5 June 2024, 15:46

Munveer Jabbal joined the original cast of Love Island 2024 in June
Munveer Jabbal joined the original cast of Love Island 2024 in June. Picture: ITV/Instagram: @munveerj

By Tiasha Debray

Who is Love Island's Munveer Jabbal? Here's everything you need to know about the oldest islander of the season from his age, job, height, ethnicity and Instagram to where he’s from.

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Love Island 2024 has brought the goods with a brand new cast who are looking great if we do say so ourselves. Not only are the newbies fresh and gleaming, but so is the villa with a splash of colour transforming the space, including the Hideaway which has got some cheeky new rules to it this season.

The first bombshell has already been revealed, but let's be honest, the real bombshell is always Maya Jama who will return as host for her fourth season.

Fan favourite Ex-Islanders Chris Taylor, Indiyah Polack and Amy Hart have joined the panel for Aftersun and no one in the villa is safe from their judgement.

Speaking of this year's recruits, Munveer Jabbal joins the villa as not only the oldest islander but one of only three people of colour in the original cast lineup.

Here’s everything you need to know about Love Island’s Munveer Jabbal, from his age, job, height, ethnicity, Instagram and more.

Munveer Jabbal plans to keep things PG in the villa
Munveer Jabbal plans to keep things PG in the villa. Picture: Instagram: @munveerj

5 facts about Love Island's Munveer Jabbal:

  1. Munveer’s friends with Piers Morgan's oldest son Spencer. The islander had to admit that his socialite mate probably won’t be tuning in to watch him on the show, but rather be watching the football.
  2. Munveer doesn’t drink alcohol! Speaking to the tabloids, he said, "Of course, I like to party but I'm booze free… I don't really drink that much so longer weekends… With alcohol, you make bad decisions and mistakes and maybe tend to go on the wild side but now I'm at the tender age of 30, I think life is a little bit different for me."
  3. Munveer revealed he slept with three girls in one day in his intro video to Love Island, "On a lads' holiday, I slept with three girls in one day. Good stamina, that's how I got my abs!"
  4. Despite his salacious story, Munveer plans to keep things pretty PG during his time in the villa. He’s spoken about how his family will be watching, "I’m going to be very respectful…. Obviously representing the South Asian community, that goes against everything we stand for. So, I’m going to be keeping it PG for sure."
  5. Munveer is practicing Punjabi Sikh, his ethnicity is of South Asian Indian descent, however, his nationality is British.
Munveer works in recruitment
Munveer works in recruitment. Picture: Instagram: @munveerj

How old is Love Island's Munveer Jabbal? Where is Love Island's Munveer Jabbal from?

Age: 30

From: Surbiton, Surrey

How tall is Love Island’s Munveer Jabbal?

Information on Munveer’s height isn’t available yet but we will update this page as soon as we know more.

Love Island - Meet Munveer

What does Love Island's Munveer Jabbal do for work? What is Love Island's Munveer Jabbal’s Instagram?

Job: Tech Recruitment Manager

Instagram: @munveerj

When asked why Love Island, Munveer revealed, "London dating hasn't worked out for me. The opportunity to be surrounded by good looking people in a villa under the sun is an absolute no brainer!”

“ I'm 30 years old and I need to start thinking seriously about the next step, and what better place?!"

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