5 Facts About Love Island 2024's Patsy Field Including Age, Instagram & Disability In Her Arm

3 June 2024, 21:00 | Updated: 5 June 2024, 15:45

Patsy Field joined the original cast of Love Island 2024 in June
Patsy Field joined the original cast of Love Island 2024 in June. Picture: ITV/Instagram: @patsylouu

By Tiasha Debray

Who is Love Island's Patsy Field? Here's everything you need to know about the influencer looking for love from her age, job, the disability that affects her arm, where she's from and more.

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Love Island 2024 looks a little different this year, with a brand new cast, a new look for the villa and spicy new rules surrounding the use of the Hideaway, this season is setting itself up to be very exciting indeed.

With Maya Jama returning to sporadically show up at the villa and strike fear into the hearts of the contestants, it’s important that we get to know them, the contestants that is.

Whilst there have been rumours about the first bombshell to enter the villa, out of the original cast members one has piqued interest this year because she’s bringing representation into the villa when it comes to her disability.

So who is Patsy Field? Here’s everything you need to know about her age, job, the disability that affects her arm and more.

Patsy Field was born with Erb's Palsy
Patsy Field was born with Erb's Palsy. Picture: Instagram: @patsylouu

5 facts about Love Island's Patsy Field:

  1. Patsy talked about how she was born with Erb's Palsy which is a condition where one of her arms is shorter than the other with more weakness and far less motion. She opened up about how small things such as tying her hair up can be more difficult for her than others.
  2. Patsy isn't coming into the villa blind, she has a connection to ex-All-Star islander Sophie Piper. Patsy is very good friends with her sister Lili Piper.
  3. Patsy has openly admitted that she’s cheated on partners in the past. When speaking to The Daily Mail, she said "I have cheated, probably quite a few times…. But I don't know, what do you class as cheating? I've never had sex with anyone else while I've been in a relationship but definitely, you know, some loose lips… a couple of snogs, oops!"
  4. Patsy has racked up almost 40k followers on TikTok and that’s before Love Island even started airing!
  5. Patsy is tall so it's important to her that her man is also tall, "Height is important to me as I’m a taller girl, I also like a guy with an athletic build,” she said before entering the villa.

Love Island - Meet Patsy

How old is Love Island's Patsy Field? Where is Love Island's Patsy Field from?

Age: 29

From: Orpington, England

Job: Influencer and Office Administrator

Instagram: @patsylouu

Ahead of her summer of love, Patsy said: "I’m finally ready to find a sexy man and I think Love Island may just have some nice hunky guys for me.”

"I think now is the right time as I’ve got a few greys so I need to bag a man sooner rather than later."

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