Who Won The Traitors UK Series 1 And Where Are They Now?

5 January 2024, 17:49 | Updated: 26 January 2024, 22:22

The Traitors is back for a second series but here's who won series one
The Traitors is back for a second series but here's who won series one. Picture: BBC

By Kathryn Knight

The Traitors became a viral phenomenon with series one – but who were the winners?

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The Traitors might be back with a brand new cast for series two but viewers can’t help comparing some of the game play and strategies to those in season one, which starred contestants like Meryl Williams, Maddy Medley, Alyssa Chan and Amanda Lovett.

And let’s not forget Kieran Tompsett’s iconic delivery of “a parting gift” when he was voted off at the roundtable.

As the winner for series two is revealed, who ended up winning The Traitors UK series one, inspiring the likes of series two's Harry and Paul, and what are they up to now? Read on to find out.

The Traitors series one finalists
The Traitors series one finalists. Picture: Getty

Who won The Traitors UK series one?

Meryl Williams, Aaron Evans and Hannah Byczkowski won series one of The Traitors UK, walking away with £33,000 each.

It was a very tense final, with traitor Wilfred Webster mere moments away from getting his hands on the prize fund before he was outed just in time by the faithfuls, thanks to the seed of doubt planted by Kieran and his ‘parting gift.’

Meryl Williams was a winner of The Traitors series one
Meryl Williams was a winner of The Traitors series one. Picture: Getty

What is Meryl from The Traitors up to now?

When she spoke to host Claudia Winkleman about her plans for the prize fund Meryl said she wanted to try new things and she recently celebrated the new year in South Africa, which is where she was born before her and her mum moved to the UK when she was a child.

Over on Instagram it looks like Meryl’s been enjoying the hard-earned prize money, attending glamorous fashion events, making TV appearances and spending time with her family. She's also signed to a talent agency so we'll no doubt be seeing more of her on screen.

The Traitors series one star Aaron
The Traitors series one star Aaron. Picture: BBC

What is Aaron from The Traitors doing now?

Aaron said from the start he wanted to get his mum a house with the prize money and would keep a few thousand for himself to go traveling. His Instagram doesn’t give much away in terms of what he’s been up to since the show but recent posts include a few holidays and a trip to Vietnam last April.

He’s no longer an estate agent and instead works on yachts.

The reality star is also set to take on First Dates after he was spotted in the new series' teaser.

The Traitors star Hannah Byczkowski
The Traitors star Hannah Byczkowski. Picture: Getty

What is Hannah from The Traitors doing now?

Hannah left her job in health and social care to take part in The Traitors and since then she’s become a stand-up comedian and hosts the Ghost Huns podcast.

Like some of her co-stars she’s made a few more TV appearances since The Traitors, including the celebrity edition of The Weakest Link.

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