Here's Everything You Need To Know About Little Mix, From Boyfriends To Being Feminists

2 July 2019, 12:42

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Want to know who the Little Mix boyfriends are? What's their net worth? What was Little Mix's original name? Here's everything you need to know about the UK's biggest girl band.

They've been one of the world's biggest bands for the past few years, but if you're only just getting familiar with Little Mix, we've got you covered with everything you need to know about Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh Anne Pinnock. 

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Who are Little Mix? 

Little Mix are a British girl band who were created on The X Factor after auditioning as solo artists, and went on to win the show in 2011.

What was Little Mix's original name? 

The band were called Rhythmix on the X Factor for a couple of weeks until they realised a Brighton-based music charity already had the name, so became Little Mix instead. 

Little Mix

What is Little Mix's net worth?

Back in 2015, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade were worth a staggering £12 million (£3 million each). However fast forward to today and no doubt they're worth more than double that!

How old are Little Mix? 

Perrie Edwards' date of birth is 10th July 1993, making her 25 years old. 

Jesy Nelson's date of birth is 14th June 1991, making her 28 years old. 

Jade Thirlwall's date of birth is 26th December 1992, making her 26 years old. 

Leigh-Anne Pinnock's date of birth is 4th October 1991, making her 27 years old. 

Little Mix


Do they have any brothers or sisters? 

Yes, Leigh-Anne has two sisters, Sarah and Sian-Louise Pinnock. Jesy has a sister called Jade and two brothers called Joesph and Jonathan. Jade has a brother called Karl and Perrie has an older brother called Jonnie.

Do the girls have boyfriends? 

Yes, all four of them are currently in relationships. Perrie is dating footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jesy is with Love Island's Chris Hughes, Leigh-Anne is still going strong with footballer Andre Gray and Jade has been dating Jed Elliott from band The Struts for four years. 

When is Little Mix's next album going to be released? 

Little Mix have released five albums called 'DNA', 'Salute', 'Get Weird', 'Glory Days' and 'LM5'. Their fifth album was released at the tail end of 2018. They have just dropped new single 'Bounce Back', so of course we're all expecting another album this year from the girls.


When are Little Mix going on tour? 

Little Mix have released their new tour dates travelling around the UK from Autumn 2019! The ladies hit up nearly every UK city on their run. Tap here for ticket info.

Who will be supporting Little Mix on tour? 

Little Mix will be supported by Rak Su and Germein.

Have Little Mix won any awards? 

Little Mix have won a BRIT Award for British Single Of The Year for 'Shoutout To My Ex', two Cosmopolitan Women Of The Year Awards, three Glamour Awards, three Global Awards for Best Group, Best British Artist Or Group and Best Song for 'Power', one iHeartRadio Award, two MTV EMAs and a Kids' Choice Award. 

Why were Little Mix accused of using Photoshop?

People noticed that some of the lines in the background of the band's 'Touch' music video were warped, and accused the band of Photoshopping themselves in the video. 

How tall are Little Mix? 

Perrie is 5'2", Jesy is 5'3", Jade is 5'3" and Leigh Anne is 5'4". 

Do Little Mix have any pets? 

Yes, Perrie has a dog called Hatchi, Jesy has two puppies, one of which is called Reggie and Leigh Anne has two dogs called Harvey and Maurice. Jade is the only one without any pets, though she once adopted a beetle called Barry! 

Are Little Mix feminists? 

Yes, the girls are always sticking up for their fans and their right to wear and dance however they want. The band gave a very powerful speech at the Global Awards, hitting back at press backlash for their stage costumes and dance moves. 

Do any of Little Mix have tattoos? 

All of the girls except Perrie have tattoos. You can check them all out with our handy Little Mix tattoo guide right here. 

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