Everything We Know About Jade Thirlwall's Solo Music: Release Date, Collaborations And More

29 April 2024, 15:27

Jade Thirlwall's set to release new music
Jade Thirlwall's set to release new music. Picture: Getty/Instagram: @jadethirlwall

By Tiasha Debray

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall has hinted she’s in the studio making solo music. Will it be a single or a full album? From a release date to collaborations, here’s what we know so far.

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Little Mix’s band hiatus began back in 2022, with the girls taking a short break to focus on their solo careers. And focus they have, with Leigh-Anne set to release her first solo album this year and Perrie Edwards dropping her debut solo single in April, all eyes are on Jade Thirlwall.

Jade has kept her cards close to her chest since her announcement back in 2022 that she had signed a solo artist deal with RCA Records. A year later in November 2023, Jade finally gifted her fans with a cheeky hint at what she’d been up to.

Posting an Instagram picture of herself behind a recording microphone, Jade was seen wearing headphones and alluded to the fact that she’d been recording some new music.

So does Jade have a single coming out? Is she making an album? Here’s what we know.

Jade Thirlwall has hinted again at new music in the works
Jade Thirlwall has hinted again at new music in the works. Picture: Getty

Is Jade Thirlwall making an album?

Yes, Jade has been working on new music. But she has not yet confirmed exactly what she plans to release.

The pop star's been at it again, getting her fans riled up by posting little easter eggs on her socials hinting at the new tunes.

Towards the end of March, Jade took to her Instagram to post a dump of photos and videos of her life. Amongst the cute selfies and the adorable animals, she slid a cheeky video of herself in the recording studio.

The video itself had no sound, so don’t get excited about hearing a clip of her new music. But even a soundless, the video had fans SUPER excited for the possibility of her solo music dropping.

Jade uploaded a video of herself in front of a recording mic
Jade uploaded a video of herself in front of a recording mic. Picture: Instagram: @jadethirlwall

One fan commented on her dump, writing “She's in the booth nobody panic !!' Another fan said, “We NEED that second clip unmuted.”

Someone else commented, “can't wait to see your debut single”, whilst one person said “patiently waiting for music”.

One user wrote, “Jade in the studio oh my god,” and the general sentiment of excitement was definitely felt by fans.

This isn’t the first time Jade’s done something like this, earlier in the year she uploaded a blurry photo to her Instagram stories of herself sitting in a recording studio.

The ‘Black Magic’ singer added some text on top of the image that read, “proof for the fans that I'm in the studio finishing songs not just doing tik toks dw teehe.”

Even back in November of 2023, Jade decided to share to her 10 million followers two photos; one of which she was standing in front of a shelf of awards like the BRITS and MTV Awards.

In the second photo, she once again showed herself wearing headphones and standing in a recording studio with a microphone.

Jade claimed she was ‘finishing songs’ at the time, and that was in November, so is it too optimistic to hope for the songs in 2024?

When is Jade Thirlwall releasing new music?

Jade has not yet announced when she will be releasing new music but a source told The Mirror that out of the Little Mix girls she is reportedly next to drop something.

The source said the wait for her music was because "her record label also wanted to avoid clashes with her bandmates’ releases". It has been claimed that "they agreed between them that Jade will release next".

We will update this page when we have more answers about when Jade's solo music is coming.

Jade's confirmed in the past that she's actively working on new music
Jade's confirmed in the past that she's actively working on new music. Picture: Instagram: @jadethirlwall

Who’s Jade Thirlwall collaborating with?

Jade has not officially released any information on collaborations, however, sources have now said she's looking to team up with 'Water' singer Tyla.

"She is also angling for a duet with 22-year-old Tyla, who has a huge social media following," the source told The Mirror. "They are both signed to Sony and their respective A&Rs are trying to make it happen.”

Despite looking to collaborate with other artists for her new music, the source revealed that her debut single will be a solo.

There have also been rumours that she is working alongside Jax Jones. Speaking to Planet Radio, Jax had previously revealed, "I was in the studio with Jade and she is mega-cool and super-talented.

"She is also such fun to be around. We wrote something really cool so hopefully that can come out too."

In fact, in 2021, before the heartbreaking hiatus of Little Mix, the pair were photographed together in a recording studio.

Jade Thirlwall dances it out at her 30th birthday

Jade told the publication, "We just had a cheeky session a while back, I still haven't even heard the song to be honest, but I know it's a good'un, whatever we wrote together."

So we know Jade’s got at least one banger sitting pretty in her pocket.

And Jade has been spotted out and about filming for a music video, so we know something's cooking.

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