Perrie Teases "Catchy" Third Solo Single After 'Tears' Release

21 June 2024, 08:10 | Updated: 21 June 2024, 15:04

Perrie revealed some big hints about her third solo single
Perrie revealed some big hints about her third solo single. Picture: Global/Shutterstock

By Abbie Reynolds

Speaking on Capital Breakfast, Perrie gave us some insight into what to expect from her third solo single after the drop of single no2 'Tears'.

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Capital Breakfast's Kemi Rodgers called Perrie a "versatile queen" on the day 'Tears' dropped, and a flattered Perrie responded: "Wait until you hear the third."

Since Little Mix's hiatus in 2022, Perrie has a been a very busy woman - not only has she stepped into her solo music career, she welcomed her adorable son Axel with fiancé Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Before Capital's Summertime Ball, Perrie told us that Axel's been a big inspiration for her first solo album and said that he has a favourite track. So after Perrie debuted the song at the Ball, Kemi asked her if 'Tears' was Axel's favourite.

Perrie joined Capital Breakfast on 'Tears' release day
Perrie joined Capital Breakfast on 'Tears' release day. Picture: Global

"To be honest if it's not 'Let It Go' by Elsa he's not interested at the minute," she joked, adding, "He loves a lot of the songs on the album and [the] third single, because it's very easy to learn".

Revealing that the third single is super catchy, Perrie said: "If a two year old can pick it up, anyone can."

She described 'Tears' as far too melodic for Axel to pick up, but adorably revealed he's learnt some of the lyrics to 'Forget About Us'.

"He just goes, 'about us!', 'in the front seat!' and then he goes, 'hoodie'. He just picks up the most random words that he can remember," she said.

But she said the third track has been much easier for him to pick up as "he just likes songs he can shout at you", hinting to something more hard-hitting for her third track.

Perrie - Forget About Us (Live at Capital's Summertime Ball 2024)

After the success of 'Forget About Us', Perrie insisted, "I did warn everybody". She said: "I did bring a disclaimer to the table when I promoted Forget About Us. I was like, 'My second single and third single are so different from the first'."

"When I started the writing process, I loved every kind of genre of music, so I tried to squish it all in," the singer explained.

We don't know when a third Perrie single is coming but this has definitely got us excited for it - and on the day 'Tears' became available to stream, how lucky are we?

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