Perrie 'Terrified' But Ready To Have 'Fun' At Capital's Summertime Ball

15 June 2024, 15:35

Perrie Edwards spoke to us ahead of her CapitalSTB performance
Perrie Edwards spoke to us ahead of her CapitalSTB performance. Picture: Capital/Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Perrie sat down with us for 'Behind The Post' ahead of her Capital's Summertime Ball performance.

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On Sunday 16th June, Perrie will be joining Raye, Benson Boone, Sabrina Carpenter and more at Capital's Summertime Ball held at Wembley Stadium.

The former Little Mix star launched her solo career in April with her debut single 'Forget About Us', and she's going to be performing it to her biggest crowd yet as a solo artist for #CapitalSTB.

"Summertime Balls are so fun, anything with Capital is always a right laugh," Perrie started.

"Just thinking about going out to that many people as a solo artist does, I'm not gonna lie, it makes me wanna puke a little bit, in my mouth," she said about performing at the 80,000 capacity venue.

Perrie Edwards is performing at Capital's Summertime Ball
Perrie Edwards is performing at Capital's Summertime Ball. Picture: Getty

"But, I can't wait," she said, "because nothing beats that adrenaline rush when you're on stage. Especially if they know my song, hopefully they'll know my song by then!"

"Everyone's always in a happy, good vibe at Summertime Ball which is why I'm excited to do it but I am terrified."

"I'll just have to tell myself it'll be alright on the night," she reasurred herself.

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While taking us through her Instagram posts for 'Behind The Post' she also revealed that not only are two of the songs on her album dedicated to her son Axel, he even has a feature on one of her songs!

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