How Much Money Does Mariah Carey Earn From 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'?

3 December 2020, 17:40 | Updated: 3 December 2020, 17:41

Mariah Carey rakes in a whopping amount of royalty money every year thanks to her iconic festive hit 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' makes the singer a lot of money every year. That's a fact.

But just how much is Mariah adding to her bank account each year thanks to the 1994 yuletide classic?

Forget 'Always Be My Baby' and 'Fantasy' - 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is the ONLY Mariah festive song you need in December.

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Are you ready to find out how much Mariah is making? It's around £400,000 per year... just from that one track.

Mariah Carey's Christmas tune is a firm favourite hit every year
Mariah Carey's Christmas tune is a firm favourite hit every year. Picture: Getty

The Independent revealed the figure as well as reporting it as one of the most streamed Christmas songs of the year... well... duh!

In December 2019 it was reported by The Economist the song has earned Mariah over $60 million (£45 million) in total at that point in time.

Mariah Carey is the definition of Christmas
Mariah Carey is the definition of Christmas. Picture: Getty

In fact, Mariah's song is so iconic with Christmas she was scooped up by Walkers for a festive ad to coincide with the 25th anniversary of her legendary Christmas album last year.

And in 2011, Mariah and Justin Bieber revamped 'All I Want For Christmas' for a modern update with a then 18-year-old Biebs featuring on the record.

It's also become renowned for being part of everyone's favourite Christmas movie Love Actually, when Olivia Olson's character Joanna belts out the tune at the school's Christmas concert and young Sam – played by Thomas Brodie Sangster – thinks she's singing to him as he plays the drums while watching his crush.

From then on it was clear this tune is never getting old.

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