WATCH: Jade Thirlwall Gives A Tour Inside Her House

30 March 2020, 08:38

Jade Thirlwall gives a tour of her flat

Little Mix's Jade gave Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp a tour around her London flat, including her drinks cabinet and toilet guest book.

With the whole world self-isolated, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall had to FaceTime Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

The 'Break Up Song' singer gave the gang a virtual tour of her flat in London, just like Niall Horan did, recently.

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Speaking to Roman, Sian Welby and Sonny Jay, the 27-year-old - who is currently isolating with two of her friends (including Little Mix's stylist - said "Well, I mean, I haven't tidied up," as she took us around her flat.

Jade Thirlwall showed off the plaques on her wall
Jade Thirlwall showed off the plaques on her wall. Picture: Capital

After showing off her television, Jade gave us a glimpse into her drinks cabinet, which even had a flash bottle of RuPaul's Drag Race UK champagne. "I'll tell you what is quite cool - my cheeky drinks cabinet."

"I've got a very egotistical corridor with all of my plaques on," she continued, as she panned the camera on the plaques for Little Mix's songs and albums.

Things took a turn when the 'Hair' singer took us to her toilet, and showed her guest book, which she said people could sign whenever they use her loo.

"You can sign in, and let me know what kind of poo you've had," joked Jade about her bathroom guest book.

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Similarly, Jade's bandmate, Perrie Edwards, is currently self-isolating, and joined Roman Kemp for a special Q&A via Instagram, recently, where she actually told him that 'Break Up Song' wasn't supposed to be the first single from their new era.

"It was never going to be our first single but me and the girls had a feeling, we finished it, got it all finished, pitched it to the label and everyone fell in love with it!"