10 Things From Little Mix's Perrie Edwards On Instagram Live With Roman Kemp!

25 March 2020, 14:12 | Updated: 25 March 2020, 15:07

Perrie Edwards drops hints about Little Mix's next album in Instagram live
Perrie Edwards drops hints about Little Mix's next album in Instagram live. Picture: Capital FM

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards just dropped by on Instagram live to chat to Roman about their new single, life in quarantine with boyfriend Alex, and all important Netflix recommendations during lockdown!

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards dropped by on Instagram live to chat with Roman, where she chatted about everything from their upcoming single 'Break Up Song', to their next album, and isolating with boyfriend, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during lockdown!

Here is a round-up of some of the juiciest and best bits from their chat which over ten thousand of you tuned in to watch, and we're so happy to have a bit of Perrie back in our life!

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Alex is eating all their food!

Perrie is isolating at home with her professional footballer boyfriend, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and the pop star spilt the tea on 'living with an athlete' admitting he's running her cupboards dry by eating everything in sight!

Admitting she's finding the whole lockdown "weird, surreal, like its not real and an episode of Black Mirror", she told Roman how her athlete BF is fairing.

She said: "He's really good!....he's good but try rationing with an athlete in your house, he's like a pit that doesn't fill up! All I do is cook and clean i feel like a little housewife."

'Break Up Song' was never meant to be their first single!

When asked about the track dropping Friday 27th March, Perrie explained how the girls fell in love with a pretty dodgy demo and made it into what it is!

Roman asked her how it came about, and she said: "It was never going to be our first single but me and the girls had a feeling, we finished it, got it all finished, pitched it to the label and everyone fell in love with it!"

"Weirdly, when ur in a session sometimes it's the worst day, nothing's coming out, others days it can be magical!"

"We went in the studio with Kamille, wrote 6/7 songs in one day and 'Break Up Song' was one of them, but the most basic demo ever the beat was all over the place, so messy, but for some reason we were obsessed with it!"

"We played it to friends and family and everyone loved it, Alex loved it, it's just a feel good song, 80s influences."

"It's a bop.. it's so good if I do say so myself!"

"We were gonna hold off on releasing it but now is a good time to cheer everyone up."

Mabel collaboration

Ro' put a fan's question about Little Mix collaborating with BRITs winner, Mabel, in the future, and Perrie is so here for it.

She said: "Yes! We were chatting about this before, we love Mabel, she's so epic and is bringing out bop after bop, so 100%, yeah!"


Perrie describes Little Mix's friendship in three words

Pure and simple, the 'Wasabi' singer described her, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall's friendship as: "Loyal, caring, dedicated."

We Stan the whole way.

The name of the album is the theme of the album

Roman couldn't help but ask Perrie about the band's sixth album they're working on, asking, "LM5 had a theme of woman empowerment and self love, does this album also have a theme?"

Perrie said: "Yeah, but I can’t give away more than that because that’s the album title."

The 'Touch' singer also revealed the band are returning to their 'fun pop roots' for the next record, and to that we say, BRING IT ON!

So, what do we think it could be?! If 'Break Up Song' is their next single, will the whole record be on the theme of heartbreak? Flying solo? We need more clues, gals!

She hates learning choreography

The 26-year-old didn't sugarcoat the fact she absolutely hates learning choreography when Little Mix go on tour, admitting Jade Thirlwall can pick up a routine after watching it once 'whilst eating a sandwich' where as she doesn't find it nearly as easy!

Perrie said this translates over into TikTok, with her and Alex doing a couples routine the other day, revealing Alex got frustrated with her for taking so long to get it right! We're shook, Perrie!

"When i see people doing the dances I think how have you got the time to do that?!"

'Learning choreography is the bane of my life... i gave the stair one a go and Alex was losing his head, he just sees something and picks it up.. it took us about six times to get it because I just couldn't do it!"

"Dance moves is definitely Jade.. she sits out the front along the mirrors with a sandwich and watch for five minutes and then have it! I'm there sweating... she's so good!"

Which members are worst at remembering lyrics!

Although she admitted 'learning lyrics comes naturally' when they are constantly recording and rehearsing, Perrie admitted:

"Lyrics wise and stuff... not Leigh-Anne! Me or Leigh-Anne get the lyrics wrong!"

"It comes naturally... but I'm 26 now and i don't remember things like I did a few years ago... when I get in rehearsals it takes me like a day to remember a step."

There’s a 'Break Up' challenge for TikTok coming!

A fan asked if there would be a challenge which caused Perrie to smirk knowingly and say "There might be one!"

She then even gave Roman a demo of what it would be, which includes making a heart and breaking it, and with all this spare time on our hands, we can't wait to learn it!

Shout Out To My Ex is the most special song to Perrie

Perrie admitted their 2016 anthem 'Shout Out To My Ex' is the most special song in their catalogue as it came out 'at the right time' in her life, a tune we all know to loosely reference her ex-fiancé, Zayn, who she split from in August 2015.

"There's so many... probably 'Shout Out' I feel it just came at a really good time, I love that song and never get tired of singing it either."

Her favourite Friends character is Ross

Perrie Edwards revealed her FRIENDS character
Perrie Edwards revealed her FRIENDS character. Picture: Capital FM

Look, it's important information we all need to know, because who doesn't have a favourite characters? One fan wasn't afraid to ask the gritty questions- and Perrie was pretty excited to give her answer, which was Ross! She explained it's because he's so hilarious, which we get.

P.s. Ours is PHOE-BE!

She's watching Money Heist on Netflix

During quarantine, Perrie is hunkering down and watching Money Heist on Netflix, which currently has 100% rotten tomatoes rating, so it definitely seems she could be onto something here!

However, be warned, it is in Spanish so there are subtitles to handle, but again, we have no where to be right now, so let's get stuck in to Perrie's recommendation!

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