Paramore Eras Tour Setlist: Every Surprise Song They Perform Opening For Taylor Swift

17 May 2024, 17:58

Paramore Eras Tour Setlist: Every Surprise Song They Perform Opening For Taylor Swift
Paramore Eras Tour Setlist: Every Surprise Song They Perform Opening For Taylor Swift. Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Boston Calling
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Will Paramore change their Eras Tour setlist? Just like Taylor Swift the band perform a surprise song every night of the tour.

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The Eras Tour is officially back and Paramore are supporting Taylor Swift. What songs are they singing in their setlist though?

As soon as Taylor Swift confirmed that Paramore would be joining her on the European leg of The Eras Tour, fans have been desperate to find out what songs Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York would perform. As one of the most iconic pop punk bands of all time, Paramore have hundreds of songs (and a recent Taylor Swift / Hayley collab) to choose from.

Paramore actually supported Taylor at her first two Eras Tour shows in Glendale, Arizona but their setlist has changed since then. Not only that but they're doing a surprise song every single night of the tour. So which Paramore songs made the cut for their Eras Tour shows. Here's everything you need to know about the songs Paramore sing on The Eras Tour.

What songs are on Paramore's Eras Tour setlist?

Paramore at Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona
Paramore at Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona. Picture: Getty

How long is Paramore's setlist on The Eras Tour?

Paramore launched their first performances at The Eras Tour in Glendale with an all-killer-no-filler setlist. As for Europe, they have switched out three songs including a surprise song section but the setlist length remains the same. In terms of time, Paramore's setlist is 40 minutes long. In Paris, they took to the stage at 18:45 and left at 19:25.

Here's Paramore' full Eras Tour setlist, in order, based on their first show in Paris:

  1. Hard Times / Heart of Glass (Blondie Cover)
  2. Burning Down the House (Talking Heads Cover)
  3. Still Into You
  4. Caught in the Middle
  5. Surprise Song
  6. The Only Exception
  7. That's What You Get
  8. Ain't It Fun
  9. This Is Why

Every surprise song Paramore perform on The Eras Tour:

Playing fully into Taylor Swift lore, Paramore have made track five of their setlist a surprise song that they interchange every night of the tour. Below is a list of all the surprise songs they've performed so far.

  • Paris, France (May 9) – 'Brick By Boring Brick'
  • Paris, France (May 10) – 'Decode'
  • Paris, France (May 11) – 'Forgiveness'
  • Paris, France (May 12) – 'Rose Colored Boy / I Wanna Dance With Somebody'
  • Stockholm, Sweden (May 17) – 'Misery Business'

Paramore are next scheduled to perform with Taylor on the Eras Tour in Stockholm, Sweden on May 18 and 19.

Bookmark this page and we'll let you know every surprise song Paramore perform throughout the tour.

Watch Paramore announce they won't be performing Misery Business again for a long time

Have Paramore made changes to their Eras Tour setlist?

As we've mentioned above, Paramore's original Eras Tour setlist in Glendale was slightly different to their Paris setlist. As for which songs they cut from Glendale, 'Decode', 'Rose-Colored Boy' and 'Misery Business' have been switched out in favour of 'Burning Down the House', 'Caught in the Middle' and the new surprise song segment.

Does Taylor Swift sing with Hayley Williams on The Eras Tour?

As it stands, Hayley is yet to join Taylor on stage at The Eras Tour but it's possible that they will perform their duet 'Castles Crumbling' during Taylor's set in future shows. We'll let you know if and when that happens.

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