Paul From The Traitors’ Reality TV Past Including Deal Or No Deal

12 January 2024, 17:06

The Traitors: Paul
The Traitors: Paul. Picture: BBC

By Kathryn Knight

Paul from The Traitors may be convincing the faithfuls he’s one of them, but reality TV isn’t his first rodeo.

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The Traitors is in full swing and one of the traitors, Paul, has cemented himself as a firm favourite contestant among his cast mates, convincing the faithfuls he’s one of them.

He may not have played The Traitors before, but Paul is no stranger to reality TV and his first brush with the spotlight was on Deal or No Deal in 2010, when he was just 22 years old.

Long-term fans of the series hosted by Noel Edmonds soon realised they recognised Paul – who's a traitor alongside Harry and Miles – from the game show 14 years ago!

At the time, he said he hoped that as well as winning some money, that it would launch his modelling career as well. These days, Paul’s a business manager so things must have panned out differently than he’d expected.

Paul from The Traitors took part in Deal or No Deal
Paul from The Traitors took part in Deal or No Deal. Picture: ITV

At the time of filming, Paul was living with his girlfriend at his mum’s house.

Following the show Paul said he came away with an admiration for host Noel, saying: “I don't know whether that was just me, but I couldn't keep my eyes off him. You know, some people are just born for the job they're in. He was born to be a host on that show. He did it so well.”

Paul is a traitor but is convincing the faithfuls he's one of them
Paul is a traitor but is convincing the faithfuls he's one of them. Picture: BBC

Deal or No Deal wasn’t his only brush with TV before The Traitors; he had his own TV show called Guest for the Backflip which was on a Dutch Extreme Sports Channel 12 years ago according to The Tab, and documented amateur sportsman Paul learning to do a back flip on a bike.

Paul’s now hoping The Traitors will give him a platform to pursue his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. He said before heading to the castle: “I think humour is a big one for me. I love comedy, if I could be a comedian that would be my dream job. I've done stand-up and did it down south at the Comedy Store in London and it’s just mind-blowing.”

Paul from The Traitors has been on TV in the past
Paul from The Traitors has been on TV in the past. Picture: BBC

He shared his plans to diffuse the tension in the competition with comedy, adding: “If I can get comedy in there then I think it’s a really powerful tool to bond people and maybe diffuse situations when they get so tense.

"Maybe I can be a little bit of a comfort blanket and a distraction in that way. I guess last year there was no one in there that was exactly like me which is a good thing. Hopefully, I can have my own little niche.”

Paul often appears on Joe Wilkinson and David Earl’s podcast Chatabix, where he was first egged on to take part in The Traitors.

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