Luca Bish And Gemma Owen Are 'Over' Love Island According To Castmates

28 July 2022, 15:13 | Updated: 28 July 2022, 17:04

What's going on with Luca and Gemma?
What's going on with Luca and Gemma? Picture: ITV

By Savannah Roberts

Deji revealed that Luca and Gemma have "mentally clocked out" of villa life as the Love Island finale soon approaches, whereas Nathalia claims the fishmonger needs to "ease off".

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Luca Bish and Gemma Owen's relationship has been heating up since the early days of Love Island – but according to their castmates, the couple is already eager for life on the outside...

Nathalia Campos and Deji Adeniyi swung by the studio to chat about all things Love Island and dished on the Islanders that are shoo-ins for the finale!

Love Island's Luca Defended By Sister Online Following Argument With Gemma

The pair gave their two cents on Luca and Gemma's recent dramas, something that has been a hot topic among fans on Twitter, with Deji stating that the couple may seem 'off' to viewers because they're 'over' life in the villa.

The 25-year-old said: "The only reason I feel like people are getting to the point where they think that their relationship’s a bit bumpy, is because they’ve been mentally clocked out of the villa a long time."

Luca and Gemma fail to sort out their row on Love Island

Deji and Nathalia dropped their hot takes in the studio
Deji and Nathalia dropped their hot takes in the studio. Picture: Capital FM

“They’re solid, you know, they don’t care about the final," Deji candidly put it, "they don’t care about winning".

He went on to say that Gemma and Luca – who have been firm fan favourites for most of the season – spent a lot of time talking about what life will be like as a couple in outside world, revealing that it's "all they talk about".

"They want to get this over and done with so they can go and live their life," the accounts manager dished.

Nathalia, who was famously one of the show's most fiery bombshells, took a different tune, commenting on Luca's antics within the relationship.

The 23-year-old said: "I think they actually have very genuine feelings for each other, I just think that in the long term – from my personal experience – the jealousy and the controlling [behaviour], if Luca doesn't turn that down a little bit, she will eventually get tired of it."

Deji said that Luca and Gemma "don’t care about the final"
Deji said that Luca and Gemma "don’t care about the final". Picture: ITV

"I just think that Luca needs to ease off," Nathalia explained, "so she doesn't feel pressured."

The ex-Islanders' opinions follow a wave of backlash that has targeted Luca since his on-screen argument with the 19-year-old dressage rider earlier this week.

The fishmonger's sister has even shared a message in defence of her reality star brother on his official Instagram page after fans began to criticise the hotly debated relationship.

Nathalia and Deji's Love Island opinions didn't stop there... They both agreed that Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su are destined to be king and queen of the villa!

Nathalia and Deji landed back in the UK this week after the dumping
Nathalia and Deji landed back in the UK this week after the dumping. Picture: Capital FM
Bombshell Nathalia thinks that "Luca needs to ease off"
Bombshell Nathalia thinks that "Luca needs to ease off". Picture: ITV

Despite having eyes for Davide herself, Nathalia set the record straight and stated that she is very happy for them, she said: "I could see their energy."

The operations manager and content creator even confirmed that there is no bad blood between her and Ekin-Su, saying that they cleared the air in an un-aired scene just before the shock dumping

"Everything was fine between us," she shared, "like we don’t have an issue at all with each other," – we're happy to hear it!

Speaking of scenes that didn't make the cut, Deji confirmed “a lot of Casa Amor stuff wasn’t shown," spilling that many of the flirty conversations were left on the cutting room floor!

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