Too Hot To Handle's Melinda Talks About Marvin Sharing Winnings With Her

16 July 2021, 08:21

Melinda talks about sharing money with Marvin on Too Hot to Handle

By Daniel Merrifield

After Marvin Anthony won the second season of Too Hot to Handle, Melinda Melrose spoke about the possibility of sharing the prize money.

26-year old, Marvin Anthony, recently won the second season of Too Hot to Handle, walking away with thousands and thousands of dollars.

He ended the season in a relationship with Melinda Melrose, eventually splitting; amicably ending their couple.

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Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Melinda said that she didn't expect Marvin to have shared his winnings with her, despite having won it being in a couple with her.

"[Marvin] earned it fair and square," said the 28-year old reality show contestant. "I'm not the type to be like 'I deserve a cut. Cut my cheque."

She continued saying that she didn't feel as if Marvin needed to give her anything, because she "still won".

After he split from Marvin, she started dating Peter Vigilante, after their short fling on Too Hot to Handle. The duo went public with their relationship on Instagram in July 2021.

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