Rob Brydon Sings Sabrina Carpenter Lyrics As Uncle Bryn From Gavin & Stacey

2 July 2024, 08:55 | Updated: 2 July 2024, 09:18

Rob Brydon Sings Sabrina Carpenter As Uncle Bryn From Gavin & Stacey 🤣

By Kathryn Knight

Rob Brydon joined Capital Breakfast and took on a hilarious challenge involving Sabrina Carpenter lyrics.

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Rob Brydon stopped by Capital Breakfast to chat about his new TV show My Lady Jane, his legendary role as Bryn in Gavin and Stacey and, unexpectedly, Sabrina Carpenter who we can’t get enough of on Capital right now with her latest song ‘Please Please Please’.

We asked the comedian to read some of Sabrina’s viral lyrics in the voice of some of his most iconic characters, including ‘The Small Man Trapped In A Box’, an impression he’s been doing for years and involves him quietening his voice so much so that it quite literally sounds like a small man trapped in a box. We’re thinking The Borrowers but if Rob Brydon was involved.

He also read the lyrics as the iconic Uncle Bryn from the sitcom we’re all obsessed with, Gavin and Stacey, hilariously adding into it: “I’m having a whale of a time” in classic Bryn style.

Rob Brydon did his best Uncle Bryn to read Sabrina Carpenter lyrics
Rob Brydon did his best Uncle Bryn to read Sabrina Carpenter lyrics. Picture: Global

To kick off the game Chris Stark explained: “Sabrina Carpenter is arguably one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now and she has a song called ‘Please Please Please’ which you are new to.”

Rob hilariously responded: “It’s new to me. But that’s no bad reflection on Sabrina or any of the Carpenters.”

Chris went on: “What I’d ideally like you to do is either say the lyrics or sing the lyrics to ‘Please Please Please’ in one of your many exceptional voices.”

After Rob said most of his impressions are ‘people that are either dead or not far from it,’ Chris suggested ‘the small man in the box’ and Rob happily obliged, putting on a show-stopping impersonation we still can’t get over.

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