WATCH: Halsey & Roman Kemp Make Amends After Years Of Feuding

30 June 2022, 13:29

Halsey & Roman make amends after years of feuding

Capital FM

By Capital FM

Halsey & Roman Kemp have finally made amends after years of feuding over Batman...

Halsey joined Capital Breakfast where she came face to face with Roman Kemp, three years after they came head to head over a Batman argument.

The pair first clashed back in 2019 after it was announced that Robert Pattinson would be suiting up as the the Caped Crusader.

Whilst Halsey was excited over the prospect of R Patts taking over the iconic role, Roman was not so thrilled, which didn't go down well with the the 'Eastside' singer...

Halsey was always a fan of Battinson
Halsey was always a fan of Battinson. Picture: Getty

After the film was released back in March, and Roman praised Robert for his amazing performance, Halsey tweeted him about their long-lasting debate:

"I just want everyone to know that @romankemp fought me for literal years over whether or not Battinson would be good and now he likes him. I never switched up. This is my Christmas. "

Speaking about the disagreement on Capital Breakfast, Halsey jokingly offered an olive branch: "Sometimes we disagree on superhero films and I think that’s okay, I think a healthy friendship for us is disagreeing on something."

Robert Pattinson plays Batman
Robert Pattinson plays Batman. Picture: Getty

Laughing, Roman responded: "We can both agree that Chris Pratt shouldn’t be playing the new Mario, right?"

To which Halsey replied: "No way. I can’t, As an Italian from New Jersey."

We're glad they've finally managed to agree on something!

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