Rachel Riley Pranks Roman Kemp Before LOSING His Quiz Live On Air

29 May 2020, 12:31

Rachel Riley surprises Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast
Rachel Riley surprises Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast. Picture: Getty Images

Roman Kemp was set-up by co-hosts Sian Welby and Sonny Jay on Capital Breakfast as Countdown star Rachel Riley was this morning's surprise quiz contestant.

Roman Kemp's Mega Hard Super Quiz is undoubtedly the toughest game on the radio and it requires some serious brainpower if you're even going to attempt to take it on...

Whilst you can hear Capital Breakfast listeners struggling to make it to through the five rounds all through the week, things are a little different on Friday mornings with the kids edition of the quiz.

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However, this morning Roman was set-up by his co-hosts Sian Welby and Sonny Jay as it wasn't 8-year-old Rachel trying to beat his quiz like he thought... it was 34-year-old Countdown mathematics champion Rachel Riley!

Surely Rachel would be able to beat Roman at his own game?! Well, not quite as it turned out...

Whilst Rachel sailed through the initial questions, there was one in particular that had her completely stumped: "What does the Q stand for in IQ?"

It was a slightly ironic question for Rachel to struggle with given her own IQ must be through the roof, judging by how quickly she's able to solve sums on the Channel 4 teatime show.

Sadly, not matter how hard Rachel reached for an answer she couldn't get it right before the timer ran out, meaning - like all contestants who don't make it through the Mega Hard Super Quiz - she 'perished in embarrassment'.

Rachel did seem genuinely shocked by her poor performance, tweeting Roman, Sian and Sonny after the show.

"Absolutely perished in embarrassment just now!!! Taxi for Rachel. I’ll get my coat. I blame the baby," Rachel tweeted.

If even Rachel Riley can't beat Roman's Mega Hard Super Quiz... is there hope for any of us?!

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