WATCH: Joel Dommett Proves He Can Milk His Own Nipples!?

19 April 2023, 09:05

Joel Dommett milks his own nipples
Joel Dommett milks his own nipples. Picture: station owned

Joel Dommett showed Roman, Sian & Chris his party trick live on Capital Breakfast...

Joel Dommett joined Capital Breakfast where he proved he can 'milk' his own nipples.

The comedian confirmed his party trick after Roman revealed he'd heard rumours from other celebrities.

Despite protests from Sian, the comedian then went on to demonstrate his unusual ability.

Lifting up his shirt, Joel explained:"Not much comes out, so keep watching. Keep watching that bit there? See that?"

Laughing, Chris, who was sat next to the comedian exclaimed: "Yeah, great stuff. Well done mate. That's really good."

Joel Dommett joined Capital Breakfast
Joel Dommett joined Capital Breakfast. Picture: Station owned

Speaking about how he discovered his unusual talent, the comedian shared: "I found it out as a teenager because when you're a teenager, you press and poke everything to see if something comes out."

He then went on to reveal he'd even tasted the excretion: "It's not milk. I've tasted it. It's salty."

I have no words...

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