WATCH: Charlie Puth Reacts To Justin Bieber Prank

10 February 2022, 08:35 | Updated: 10 February 2022, 08:37

Charlie Puth Reacts To Justin Bieber Prank

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Charlie Puth joined Capital Breakfast to discuss his new song 'Light Switch', as well as addressing what actually happened when Justin Bieber confronted him during a FaceTime prank.

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Charlie Puth joined Capital Breakfast on Thursday morning to dish on his new single, 'Light Switch'.

After explaining the inspiration behind the track and how he documented the development of the song through TikTok, Roman asked Charlie about a recent viral video featuring himself and Justin Bieber.

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In the video, Justin jokingly confronts the star for saying "F*** you Justin Bieber" during a 2016 concert.

Charlie Puth reacts to Justin Bieber prank
Charlie Puth reacts to Justin Bieber prank. Picture: Getty

Charlie revealed how he had suspected something was up, when The Kid Laroi had messaged him saying Justin wanted to talk: "I knew something was weird because Justin has my number, so if he wanted to speak to me he could just FaceTime me."

Charlie revealed his suspicions were fulled further by Justin's voice: "Bieber usually speaks at an E flat usually, in this case he was talking a bit lower and I was like you're pranking me."

"I think it was all in good laughs, it's just something we never publicly talked about and settled privately," Charlie continued.

"In my mind 6 years ago it was super funny, but his fans did not love it."

"We never talked about it, so I guess he wanted to mess with me."

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