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Celebrities have been posting their Pride celebrations online

How Celebs Have Been Celebrating Pride Month 2021 - From Niall Horan to Lady Gaga

Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes have the best friendship

Shawn Mendes & Niall Horan Friendship Timeline From Duetting To Being Supportive AF

Harry Styles and Niall Horan are still close friends

Inside Niall Horan And Harry Styles’ Friendship Which Is Stronger Than Ever 5 Years After Hiatus

Niall Horan has asked fans to continue supporting his music

Niall Horan Urges Fans 'Keep Supporting Me' Over Fears Of Losing Listeners

Niall Horan supports the LGBTQI+ community

All The Times Niall Horan Has Celebrated the LGBTQI+ Community

Niall Horan was called out by Liam Payne for a game of golf

Liam Payne Hilariously Calls Out Niall Horan For A Game Of Golf

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