All The Times Niall Horan Has Celebrated the LGBTQI+ Community

2 June 2021, 12:44 | Updated: 2 June 2021, 16:11

Niall Horan supports the LGBTQI+ community
Niall Horan supports the LGBTQI+ community. Picture: Getty
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Niall Horan is a fierce supporter of the LGBTQI+ community - here's just a handful of times he's been a supporter!

Niall Horan is always showing support and sending love to his LGBTQI+ fans.

This Pride Month fans are getting sentimental about how the 'Nice To Meet Ya' star has shone a light on the community.

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We've rounded up some sweet moments that the ex-One Direction member has been an ally...

Niall Horan Covers Songs on Instagram Live

Niall Horan's fans are listening his music this Pride Month
Niall Horan's fans are listening his music this Pride Month. Picture: Getty

Niall Horan helps fan come out to parents

Niall’s music helped a mega-fan come out to his family back in 2018.

The fierce supporter was inspired to reveal his sexuality to his parents after relating to poignant lyrics from the track, ‘Since We’re Alone’, from Niall’s debut album ‘Flicker’.

The fan took to Twitter to express his euphoria over meeting the One Direction alumnus, he even got to tell Niall how he was influenced by his music.

He confessed that the lyrics ‘I love you best when you’re just yourself’ made him feel confident enough to talk openly about his sexuality.

Niall Horan has long been vocal about his support for the LGBTQI+ community
Niall Horan has long been vocal about his support for the LGBTQI+ community. Picture: Getty

Niall sends love to first-time Dads

Niall couldn't help but gush online after receiving the cutest note whilst on a flight!

Two first-time fathers made handouts to inform passengers on a commercial flight that their newborn baby was on board!

The adorable message stated that their new arrival would 'do her utmost to be on her best behaviour' to ensure that everyone had a peaceful journey.

Niall appreciated the charming gift so much so that he tweeted about the young family - and the snap went viral!

Fans brand Niall Horan track as 'gay anthem'

A song from Niall's sophomore solo album, 'Heartbreak Weather', is being classed as an LGBTQI+ empowerment track by fans!

'No Judgement' is a punchy pop song that has taken on a new meaning due to its poignant title.

Fans declared that they were playing the tune full blast on the first day of Pride Month, with one music lover starting on Twitter: "I know it's not the meaning of the song at all but on this first day of the Pride Month I found it appropriate."

Niall Horan - No Judgement (Official)

Music is open for interpretation and we know that Niall would be thrilled to know that his discography is helping LGBTQI+ youths on the path to acceptance and celebration!

Another fan praised the importance of the song: "To me, this is the most LGTBQ+ supportive song I’ve ever listened to. I wish I could support every single one of you individually. But I can’t, so I’d like to dedicate these lyrics to you with all my love."

In 2015, Ireland held a referendum to legalise same-sex marriage – Niall was one of the mega stars who urged his fans to vote yes at the historical polls.

He did so by posting an Irish clover adorned in the Pride rainbow alongside the caption: "Cmon Ireland, vote yes today!"

Fans have been vocal about how they will be having Niall's supportive tracks on repeat this Pride Month.

We love this pop sensation's allyship!

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