Will Niall Horan & Taylor Swift Collaborate As She Works With 'Favourite Artists' On Vaults

25 March 2021, 11:03 | Updated: 25 March 2021, 17:25

Niall Horan could be collaborating with Taylor Swift
Niall Horan could be collaborating with Taylor Swift. Picture: Getty Images

Taylor Swift announces she's working with some of her favourite artists to release never-heard-before music from 'the vaults' and Niall Horan fans really hope their favourite is included in this...

Niall Horan fans are hoping the 'No Judgement' singer is collaborating with Taylor Swift as she announces unreleased music from 'the vault' is on the way and she has worked with some of her favourite artists on the project.

Both stars have praised each other's music and performed together in the past, so there is definitely weight behind people's hopes for a duet.

So, let's take a look at their incredible musical relationship and respect for one another to see if this really could become a reality...

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Taylor Swift and Niall Horan perform at the Reputation Stadium Tour
Taylor Swift and Niall Horan perform at the Reputation Stadium Tour. Picture: Getty

First things first, Taylor, who is a music-dropping machine lately, announced she is releasing a series of songs 'From the Vaults' no one has heard before and is enlisting some of her favourite musicians so provide vocals, harmonies, etc.

She wrote: "One thing I’ve been loving about these From The Vault songs is that they’ve never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favorite artists. "

"I’m really excited to have @MarenMorris singing background vocals on this song!!"

Maren Morris joined Taylor on stage during her Reputation stadium tour- something Niall has also done, which is a big clue fans think he could be involved.

Niall, 27, makes absolutely no secret he is an enormous fan of Taylor, both as a musician and friend and branded her 'one of the greatest songwriters of our generation' and 'a genius'.

Too right, Niall!

The former One Direction star, as stated, joined the superstar on stage to perform his hit 'Slow Hands' during Taylor's Reputation stadium tour in London, much to the surprise of tens of thousands of fans, who rightfully lost it when he popped up!

So, fans have begun speculating the Irish star could also be included in Tay's upcoming tracks.

Taylor posted about Niall's cover of her song 'Lover', calling it 'absolutely stunning', so it is fair to see she returns the respect he has for right back!

Taylor Swift praises Niall's cover of 'Lover'
Taylor Swift praises Niall's cover of 'Lover'. Picture: Instagram @taylorswift

So, nothing has been announced yet and we all know Taylor loves to keep us guessing- but collabs go, we think there could be a real shot these two incredible artists may finally team up?!

Everyone- keep your fingers crossed!

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