Niall Horan Weighs In On US Election Following In Harry Styles & Dua Lipa's Steps

29 October 2020, 10:28

Niall Horan wishes he could vote in US election
Niall Horan wishes he could vote in US election. Picture: PA/ Instagram @niallofficial

Niall Horan's said he wishes he could vote in the US election as he joins other artists encouraging people to vote.

Niall Horan has tweeted his desire to vote in the US election as the 'No Judgement' singer follows other non-US artists in encouraging people to cast their vote.

Tweeting to his 40 million followers, Niall simply wrote, "I wish I could vote in this election" and anyone who follows him will know he isn't afraid of voicing his criticism to the current President.

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He is following in the footsteps of other British artists including Harry Styles and Dua Lipa, who, despite not being able to vote in the country, have voiced their support for democratic candidate Joe Biden and urged their millions of followers to vote.

Harry's tweet which simply read, "If I could vote in America, I'd vote with kindness" with a clip of Joe Biden amassed over 1 million likes in 24 hours.

Dua sat down for a conversation with democratic senator, Bernie Sanders, to talk about free healthcare in the UK, using her enormous platform to help educate people on the topic.

Stars everywhere have been urging people, especially young people, to register and get out to vote to have their say in who will become the next president, the results of which will be announced on November 3rd.

Despite not endorsing Joe Biden or the democratic party explicitly, the Irish singer has been vocal in his criticism of the current president, often calling him out on Twitter and throwing shade his way, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Niall's tweet has already gained almost half a million likes, once again revealing the enormous reach of pop stars' social platrforms.

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