Niall Horan Is Taking His Third Album To Festivals: From Isle of Wight to TRNSMT

31 October 2022, 17:29

Niall Horan is playing festivals in 2023
Niall Horan is playing festivals in 2023. Picture: Getty
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Niall Horan has started announcing next year's festival appearances after confirming his third album is on the way!

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We know Niall Horan promised good news but we didn't think it would be so soon!

Last week, the One Direction star sent fans reeling when he posted a video to Twitter announcing that, not only was new music very much on the way, but he's ready to take the material on the road too.

Niall Horan Is Returning To Music And Is Ready To Perform Again

Well, the 29-year-old made good on his word and he's already started announcing festival appearances for 2023 – looks like we'll be treated to a lot of Niall next year!

On Monday, the 'Slow Hands' singer made everyone's day when he confirmed that he will be returning to the stage and performing at the Isle of Wight festival for the first time ever.

Niall Horan announces new music and plans for 2023

Niall is going to be performing a lot more next year
Niall is going to be performing a lot more next year. Picture: Getty

Niall posted the line-up artwork and wrote: "Excited to be playing @IsleOfWightFest for the first time next year! Tickets on sale Friday."

And the good news doesn't stop there! On October 28, he started his festival announcement spree, revealing that he will be bringing his dulcet tones to Glasgow next summer.

He wrote: "Glasgow! Can’t wait to come up the road and play at @TRNSMTfest. Bring your dancing wellies. Tickets go on sale 4 Nov."

NH3 is well and truly on the way, and with the slew of shows he has coming in June and July next year, we can't help but wonder if his next studio album will arrive in the spring – we can only hope!

Niall has announced two 2023 festivals thus far
Niall has announced two 2023 festivals thus far. Picture: Alamy

The pop star addressed his fans directly with a video posted to Twitter on October 27, he set a lot of exciting projects in motion during the one-minute-long lip.

Niall said: “I’ve got new music coming in the new year that I’m really, really proud of. I appreciate you being so patient with me while I’ve done it.

"I have a whole new album too," he casually added – this is big news!

"One thing I’ve wanted to do forever is festivals and I’ve never really had the opportunity to do it," the singer explained just days before he revealed his TRNSMT and Isle of Wight appearances.

He set all of our hearts racing when he admitted that he "can't wait to get back on the road and see you guys all over the world", raising suspicions that he'll soon announce a global tour.

"Can't wait to see you soon, and love you very much, see you in the new year," he said capping off the very exciting announcement.

Now that Niall has begun confirming his upcoming projects, fans are getting ready for the follow-up to his sophomore record, 'Heartbreak Weather' which was released in 2020.

The singer-songwriter's debut solo album 'Flicker' arrived in 2017, so it looks like we get a new project every three years!

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