Inside Niall Horan & Lewis Capaldi's Hilarious Friendship

7 April 2020, 15:56 | Updated: 7 April 2020, 16:01

Inside BFF Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi's friendship
Inside BFF Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi's friendship. Picture: @niallhoran/ GLAMOUR

Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi are as good a' friends as they are talented singers, so let's look into their hilarious friendship, as well as upcoming musical collaborations they have in the works.

Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi are out here showing time and time again they're a hilarious best friend duo, who support each other's careers, and have even been working on a special lil' something themselves, so let's take a look at all the times the Scottish and Irish stars have given us serious friendship envy.

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Ever the supportive friend, Lewis was listening to Niall's second album, 'Heartbreak Weather' in the background of his Instagram story, whilst calling a tiny little dog, Niall, and that's just the kind of friendship they have.

'Nice To Meet Ya' tour

Lewis and Niall are such good pals they even had plans to go on tour together as part of Niall's 'Nice To Meet Ya' world tour, kicking it off together in April, before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the whole thing to be cancelled until all this craziness blows over.

Niall's confirmed Lewis probably won't be able to join him whenever he does decide to go ahead with the tour, which makes us kind of sad, but we know their friendship isn't going anywhere!

How did Liall meet?

The pair first connected on social media, when Niall's cousin showed him Lewis's music, leading the 'Nice To Meet Ya' singer to invite Lewis to open a 'Flicker' show for him in his hometown of Glasgow.

This gave Lewis a serious boost to his career and helped to get the ball rolling on what's turned into his pathway to stardom, something he's eternally grateful for.

The pair recently did a friendship test for Glamour, with Niall recounting the first time they ever met, saying:

"First time I ever met him I just thought he was a lunatic, it was St. Patrick's Day, we had a few beers... and we got very drunk, and then both played shows the next day."

"He's very funny to be around, he makes me feel funnier, even though I'm not that funny at all, maybe it's because I'm famous and he's big into famous things these days."

Lewis, 23, surprisingly brought the mood right back down to serious when talking about his admiration for the former 1D star, saying:

"All joking aside, before any of my music was doing f*** all, he was one of the first to reach out and say he loved my music and that meant a lot to me."

Niall added: "He's the funniest person I know, and I'm so proud of him."

Well. That's just the nicest thing we've ever heard.

They're supportive AF

If what you just read wasn't enough to convince you they're always rooting each other on, both frequently take to social media to congratulate each other on their success, Niall writing a seriously sweet message to the 'Bruises' singer back in May.

He wrote: "This absolute king has got the fastest selling album of the year! This is a great lad with an incredible amount of talent and I’m so happy for him. Congratulations @lewiscapaldi on the #1"

In turn, Lewis, in his much less conventional style, took to his Instagram story, shirtless, to go through Niall's music video with a fine toothed comb and ask where 'that young Irish boy with braces' went, with a handsome lothario taking his place.

They love giving us a glimpse into their friendship, posting screenshots of their FaceTime conversations

Niall & Lewis's future collaboration

Niall chatted to The Official Big Top 40 about his track 'Nice To Meet Ya', and happened to drop into the convo' that he and Lewis had written a song together, jumping into the studio with each other after eating a Chinese takeaway, as you do, and coming up with a song that they're unsure if it is good.

"We ended up writing a very good song actually. Actually, it could be terrible."

26-year-old Niall also revealed that although he's a comedian, he's anything but when he gets into the studio.

He told Will Manning: "Little secret about Capaldi - he's very serious in the studio, I tried to make him laugh and he was just staring at me as if we didn't know each other."

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