How Celebs Have Been Celebrating Pride Month 2021 - From Niall Horan to Lady Gaga

14 June 2021, 14:42 | Updated: 14 June 2021, 16:57

Celebrities have been posting their Pride celebrations online
Celebrities have been posting their Pride celebrations online. Picture: Getty/PA
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What have your favourite celebrities being posting to celebrate Pride Month 2021? Find out how Lady Gaga, Niall Horan and more are supporting the community.

Happy Pride Month!

People have come out in the masses this month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, but what have your favourite celebs been saying online to commemorate the special month?

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Vocal artists such as Lil Nas X, Taylor Swift and Niall Horan have been spreading the love on their social media platforms this June among many more...

Rihanna's beauty brand Savage X releases promo to mark Pride

Taylor Swift lends voice to the equality act

Taylor Swift has been notably outspoken about LGBTQ+ rights since her 'Lover' era.

The second single from the album, 'You Need To Calm Down', directly challenged online trolling and homophobia.

The singer-songwriter took the time to post a sweet paragraph to all of her socials on June 1st in commemoration of Pride.

Neil Patrick Harris shares a proud dad moment

Neil Patrick Harris had a proud father moment on Instagram when he shared an adorable snap of his two children in early June.

The triple-threat spoke on how he wants his son and daughter to grow up in a world full of boundless opportunity.

The 'How I Met You Mother' actor wrote: "Celebrate your truth this month. There’s a lot of good out there."

He capped off the inspiring post with the hashtags: "#grateful #happypride"

Lady Gaga gets real about love

Lady Gaga posted to her 47.9 million followers on June 1st to talk about celebrating love and supporting brands that share your values.

She got candid and spoke on the "beautiful colours of love we have within us to offer each other."

The 35-year-old singer thanked Versace for supporting LGBTQ+ rights as well as the importance of mental health within the community.

Gaga also noted that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the iconic track, 'Born This Way', which has long been considered a gay anthem within queer culture.

Lil Nas X tells fans to let your LGBTQ+ friends know they are loved

Lil Nas X celebrated the first day of pride by sending out a series of tweets dedicated to queer individuals and allies.

He urged fans to reach out to their LGBTQ+ friends and family and share the love this month, he accompanied these tweets with photos from a Pride inspired photoshoot.

Lil Nas X celebrated Pride Month with a series of tweets
Lil Nas X celebrated Pride Month with a series of tweets. Picture: Lil Nas X/Twitter

The rapper also took the opportunity to give back to his supportive fans and tweeted: "I’ve decided to do my part, everybody in the LGBTQ+ community reply with a rainbow emoji for $100."

Demi Lovato says it's Pride every damn day

On June 2nd, Demi Lovato got motivational on their social media platforms and shed a light on gender-nonconforming members of the community.

The 'Cool For The Summer' singer came out as non-binary at the beginning of the month and released an episode of their podcast dedicated to gender identity and acceptance.

Niall Horan tells fans to love who you want to love

Niall Horan avidly connects to his fanbase on Twitter on the regular – and Pride month is no different!

He sent love to the queer community by expressing the importance of freedom and self-expression.

Fans have been streaming his track 'No Judgement' this month as the punchy pop song has taken on a new meaning to LGBTQ+ listeners.

Niall Horan sent love on Twitter to the LGBTQ+ community
Niall Horan sent love on Twitter to the LGBTQ+ community. Picture: PA Images

JoJo Siwa celebrates relationship in Pride post

YouTube starlet, JoJo Siwa came out as gay in January to her huge following.

The 17-year-old dancer opened up on Twitter and Instagram to talk about how she was "just so happy" with declaring her sexuality openly online.

She commemorated being newly out and proud in her Pride post on Instagram, saying: "It really has been the best five months of my life truly being exactly who I am and finding love has been the best part of it all.

"I love this human so much. I’m so happy."

JoJo paired the poignant message with sweet photos of herself and her girlfriend – we're so happy for the young pair!

Keep your eyes peeled for more LGBTQ+ content coming to your screens this month from your favourite artists and celebs.

We love seeing the support online this Pride month!

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