Niall Horan Makes Light Of GRAMMY Snubs In His Usual Sassy Twitter Way

25 November 2020, 17:40 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Niall Horan fans know he's a Twitter savage
Niall Horan fans know he's a Twitter savage. Picture: Twitter/ PA

Niall Horan is not only a talented artist but one of the funniest sass kings social media has ever seen as he jokes about the 2021 GRAMMY snubs.

Niall Horan has always been an amazingly talented singer, songwriter, musician and performer, but what many may not know is the Irish star is also an absolute savage on Twitter.

The 27-year-old is always hilariously chatting with his millions of fans, mates and other stars such as his good pal, Lewis Capaldi.

The 'No Judgement' singer is never one to miss an opportunity to throw some good spirited shade on Twitter and as the world watched the Recording Academy reveal the 2021 GRAMMY nominees, many fans were left in uproar about the outcome.

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Niall posted a tweet that simply read: "SNUBBED" with crying laughing emojis, following it up by making it clear he was, indeed, "joking."

Just a few hours later, another tweet appeared, although it appears to not have been posted by the singer, saying "I WON THE GRAMMYS!"

His friend seemingly owned up to the whole thing below.

Niall Horan saw the funny side of GRAMMY snubs
Niall Horan saw the funny side of GRAMMY snubs. Picture: Twitter @NiallOfficial

Niall, who wasn't nominated in any categories for his latest record 'Heartbreak Weather' was incredibly gracious about the whole thing, but not before he put his devilish wit to good use.

When a fan responded, "Niall, you were snubbed though" he responded to them to let them know there truly are no bad feelings, nor does he believe he was 'snubbed'.

He wrote: "I wasn’t .. I’ll make the music and it’s ok if they decide it’s not Grammy worthy this year."

"I’ll try my best and hopefully it happens next time or another year."

So, not only is he hilarious and the best kind of savage, Niall is as gracious and hardworking as ever, which, we think makes him the perfect guy.

Love ya Niall, keep making us laugh.

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