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Sam Smith spoke about their third studio album, 'Love Goes'

WATCH: Sam Smith Shares Details About Their Upcoming Heart-Break Album

Sam Smith said they 'like myself for the first time'

Sam Smith Admits ‘I Like Myself For The First Time’

Demi Lovato praised "important" boyfriend, before introducing him to Sam Smith

WATCH: Demi Lovato Introduced "Very Important" Boyfriend To Sam Smith

Sam Smith praises Demi Lovato after releasing new song 'I'm Ready'

Sam Smith Praises "Honest & Beautiful" Demi Lovato As They Release New Song 'I'm Ready'

Sam Smith is pushing back the release date of their album

Sam Smith Delays And Renames New Album As It ‘Doesn’t Feel Right’ To Release Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Sam Smith joked they're having a 'meltdown'.

Sam Smith Fans Send Messages Of Support To Singer After They Shared Hilarious 'Quarantine Meltdown' Pictures

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