Sam Smith Reveals He Came Out To His Parents At 10 Years Old & They Worried He’d Be Bullied

15 September 2017, 16:12

Sam Smith

His parents worried about him being picked on at school about his sexuality.

Coming out an be a pretty intense experience for anyone, but Sam Smith has revealed that his parents were super supportive of him – their biggest worry being whether he would be bullied over it in school.

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Speaking to Attitude magazine, Sam was interviewed by Elton John and he told him that his mother had known he was gay since he was a toddler and was totally accepting of his sexuality.

He explained, “I came out when I was 10. I’d just finished primary school, going into secondary school, and I came out to my best friend when I was nine or 10. 

"I was very sure of, and in, myself. When I told my mum she said she always knew, she said she knew when I was three, and my dad just asked if I was absolutely sure. And I was sure, even at that age, but they were incredibly supportive."

Sam admitted that his dad was worried he would get bullied for his sexuality growing up in London, “I think he saw a lot of kids get bullied and just felt really nervous for me.

"Especially when, at 16 and 17, I used to wear a lot of make-up and dressed very differently at school. He didn’t have a problem with it, but he was really worried about me."

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