WATCH: "But Dad, I'm Gay!" - Sam Smith's Reaction To His Worst Christmas Present Ever Is Just Iconic

10 December 2017, 13:36

NOTE TO SELF: Remember this for next year...

Sam Smith performing at the #CapitalJBB was kinda like a HUUUUUUUUUGE Christmas present for us. <3

It's one of those incredible Christmas presents that you just love. And sure, Sam's had some of those. He's also had some that he absolutely HATES.

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Sam Smith with Roman Kemp

Speaking to Roman Kemp backstage at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, the duo spoke about Sam's worst Christmas presents, and he wasn't too pleased with his build-a-tank kit. Why? "Because I'm gay" said Sam. What an actual hero.

He was at least pleased with his Mary Poppins outfit.

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(Not gonna lie - we were pretty pleased with that outfit too. Our imagination's just running wild.)

Sam Smith's way too good at #CapitalJBB, judging by this performance...