“My Heart Goes Out To Him”: Nathan Sykes Talks About Sam Smith Missing The #CapitalSTB

22 May 2015, 14:12

Sam Smith unfortunately had to pull out of the Summertime Ball due to vocal cord surgery, and fellow Ball artist Nathan Sykes knows exactly what he’s going through.

Nathan Sykes has just been announced as a performer for Capital’s Summertime Ball with Vodafone and he told Dave and Lisa how much he feels for Sam Smith who had to pull out of the line up.

Sam was announced as one of the performers for this year’s show at Wembley on 6th June but sadly had to cancel as he needed to undergo surgery on his vocal cords.

'Kiss Me Quick' star Nathan also famously underwent the same surgery a few years ago, so he knows what Sam will be going through. He told Capital, “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. At the time it is horrible so my heart absolutely goes out to him.

“After the operation you’ve got to wait and you’ve got to make sure you walk before you can run. I just wanted to sing straight away but you’ve really, really got to build up to it.

“But honestly it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me because I went back to basics and learnt how to sing again and my voice has got so much better because of it. So if Sam can sing like that before an operation, God, imagine how he’s going to sound after it.”

Fingers crossed Sam will be back to his best in no time!