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Niall Horan's new album will drop in 2020.

Niall Horan Says His Heart Was ‘Collapsing’ During Split From Hailee Steinfeld On New Album

Anne-Marie asked Niall Horan for help with her golf swing

Anne-Marie Asks Niall Horan For Golf Lessons... And Niallers Are Jealous

Harry Styles and Niall Horan met at The Eagles London concert

Niall Horan And Harry Styles Were Spotted Together & The Reactions Are Hilarious

A Niall Horan album is officially on the way!

Niall Horan Reveals His Second Album Is "On The Way"

Lewis Capaldi spoke about his bromance with Niall Horan

WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Gushes Over His Bromance With Niall Horan In A Game Of 'To Bae, Or Not To Bae'

Niall admitted he'd love to collaborate with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift

Niall Horan Reveals He Wants To Collaborate With Ariana Grande And Taylor Swift