We Fully Stan The Niall Horan & Millie Bobby Brown Love-Fest As They Freak Out While Tweeting Each Other

10 January 2018, 08:26

Niall Horan and Millie Bobby Brown Tweets Asset


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'Stranger Things'. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE One Direction. And when those two worlds collide, our minds turn to mush and our hearts beat at an astonishing rate and tears fill our eyes, and... You get the idea.

Even though it's taken Niall Horan at least 93 years to finish the second season of 'Stranger Things', he wasn't afraid to show his love for it on Twitter, writing "Finished Stranger things this evening . Never thought I would be this obsessed by a show".

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Millie Bobby Brown, who's known for playing Eleven in the Netflix Original Series, then gave Niall all of the love, responding with "Yessss! So glad you liked it" even with a little love heart.

At this point, we were pretty much hugging our computer screens. The love just escalated from there; with Niall calling her "darling" and Millie just "fangirling"... But then again, who wouldn't when the 'Slow Hands' singer pops up in your notificiations?

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We're inviting you, Niall Horan, to go head-to-head against the 'Stranger Things' cast in our quiz...