Niall Horan Just Proved He's Actually Sassy AF On Twitter

3 July 2018, 12:17

Niall Horan On The Kimmy Kimmel Show

We know Niall Horan as the absolute charmer that he is, but he's just unleashed his sassy side!

When Niall Horan takes to Twitter, he's usually sharing his love of Camila Cabello or more recently being spotted singing joke songs with Hailee Steinfeld backstage at a Katy Perry concert!

However, his latest message posted to his 40.2 million followers has shown us the Irishman's cheeky side and tbh, we're so here for it!

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Niall revealed that he's releasing a brand new song called 'Finally Free' on the soundtrack to upcoming animated film 'Small Foot', writing, 'This song will be part of the soundtrack for the movie . From the minute I seen a small clip from it , I was in straight away.. it’s a must see', before a response to his tweet sparked his sassy outburst.

When Twitter user @JustHedyJ corrected the One Direction lad's spelling saying, '*saw, not seen. I CANT HELP BUT CORRECT YOU, IM NOT EVEN SORRY.' it sparked the cheeky response that had fans howling!

Hitting back, Niall wrote, 'Get over yourself' and it's fair to say that fans were in stitches at #SassyNiall...

Who will he take on next? Will he rise again soon? Stay tuned for more amazing adventures of #SassyNiall!

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