Anne-Marie Asks Niall Horan For Golf Lessons... And Niallers Are Jealous

29 August 2019, 11:27 | Updated: 29 August 2019, 15:28

After Anne-Marie shared a video of her practising her golf drive, Niall Horan offered the '2002' singer a helping hand.

Anne-Marie's pals with all the stars - when she's not accidentally hinting at collaborations with Little Mix - she's begging Niall Horan for tips on how to swing a golf club.

The 'FRIENDS' singer popped down to her local driving range, to practise her golf game, and wrote to Niall, asking him to help her.

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Niall was quick to respond, saying "it’s not a bad swing to be fair. I’ll give ya a lesson no problem," accompanied by several laughing emojis.

After this exchange, millions of Niallers were left jealous at his offer to teach Anne-Marie. One replied, saying "when i tweeted u my golf video and asked for tips u did not respond where is the justice," and another wrote "And to think here I've asking your for golf 101 for a long time."

Others, however, were keen on seeing the two collaborate.

Anne-Marie recently had an awkward encounter with the 'Slow Hands' lad, when she got him stopped backstage at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball by security Roman Kemp.

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The 28-year-old pop star dared Roman to approach Niall and pretend he didn't recognise the One Direction lad, before confusing him with one of the members of JLS.