WATCH: Anne-Marie Plays The Weirdest Quiz On The Internet: 'Quizface'

5 August 2019, 17:32 | Updated: 5 September 2019, 12:07

Quizface with... Anne-Marie | Capital

Anne-Marie popped in to play the second ever edition of the strangest quiz that has ever been devised... Capital's 'Quizface'.

Anne-Marie is a pretty happy person, we can all agree on that right? However, somehow we were able to make her scared, confused, happy and freaked out to the nth degree all in one sitting as she took on 'Quizface'.

Cast your minds back to the first ever 'Quizface' with Troye Sivan and you'll remember that the Australian singer needed therapy after his time in the hot-seat. We know fear that Anne-Marie may need some post-quizface help too.

WATCH: Did Anne-Marie Confirm A Collaboration With Little Mix?

Anne-Marie takes on Quizface with Jimmy Hill
Anne-Marie takes on Quizface with Jimmy Hill. Picture: Capital

It was only a few days ago that Anne-Marie hinted that a Little Mix collaboration could be on the cards after Capital Breakfast host Roman Kemp prompted her with the question.

She answered, "Of course [she'd like to collaborate with Little Mix]. I love them!".

....that's official right?! Can we all just say yes? Deal, ok, cool, bye x

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