This Fan Asked Niall Horan For Some Inspirational Advice & He Didn't Disappoint

25 May 2018, 17:18

Niall Horan

Niall fan Dani had bought tickets to a golf tournament to watch the Irishman in action when he blessed her with this iconic quote!

When it comes to Niall Horan, Dani Dimitrova is something of a super fan. She's been to see 8 of the One Direction lad's solo shows at venues across the UK and recently even bought tickets to a golf tournament to watch Niall play.

Luckily for Dani, whilst she was watching Niall play 18 holes, he stopped to speak to fans and take some pictures, but when you've got a million photos with your favourtie star already, sometimes it's nice to mix it up.

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So Dani decided to bring her notepad, which came as part of Niall's debut album 'Flicker' and she asked him to write something inspirational on the first page.

Not wanting to disappoint, Niall took inspiration from his good friend Mark McDonnell and asked him for his advice about what to write, eventually coming up with the now iconic phrase, 'Win or Learn'. We kinda like it Niall (good job Mark!).

Speaking to Dani, she told us that she and her friends heard Niall mention the golf event months before, but that they weren't sure whether he'd actually be there until the week before.

"We had no idea if he was still attending, but we bought tickets anyway," she told us, "Then he said he was going and we were so happy. I took the notebook that comes with his album and says NH on the front because I wanted the first page to be written by him."

"When I asked him, he asked Mark what he would usually say and then that's what he wrote. He was so nice and took lots of time talking to fans". But it's not the first time the 22 year old has met Niall and she told us he's the nicest guy every single time.

"He's always laughing and talking to fans. The first few times I met him I couldn't say what I wanted because I was so nervous, but now I'm much more relaxed. He always makes fans feel so comfortable."

Not leaving her Niall support on the fairway, Dani told us that she's currently saving up to take a trip out to New York to cheer on Niall at his North American tour with a few friends.

Well as long as you win or learn Dani, we're sure Niall will be happy wherever you support him!

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