Niall Horan Is "Ready" To Collaborate With Selena Gomez

17 June 2020, 07:10

Niall Horan responded to a fan asking for a collaboration with Selena Gomez
Niall Horan responded to a fan asking for a collaboration with Selena Gomez. Picture: Getty

After a fan asked Niall Horan if he'd collaborate with the 'Lose You To Love Me' singer, Niall said he's ready when Selena is.

For years, Niall Horan's fans - who, as of yet, do not have an official fandom name - have been begging for the 'Slow Hands' singer to collaborate with Selena Gomez.

Thanks to one curious fan of Niall's, we may be one step closer to hearing his song with Selena, after he was asked about the possibility of it happening.

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"Ready when Sel is," simply said Niall to his 39.5 million Twitter followers, after one fan shared a photo of the pair asking "niall, what do you think about with a collab with selena gomez? you both will smash it"

Naturally, this sent their fans into a frenzy, with some asking Niall to make the first move by texting her the offer, while others even tried to get their pal, Julia Michaels, involved with writing the song.

In the past, both pop stars have collaborated with their fair share of musicians, with Selena Gomez working with the likes of benny blanco, Marshmello, Kygo and Cardi B, while Niall Horan collaborated with Julia Michaels on 'What a Time', and Maren Morris on 'Seeing Blind'.

Fans asked Niall Horan to collaborate with Selena Gomez
Fans asked Niall Horan to collaborate with Selena Gomez. Picture: Getty

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During lockdown, Niall has been very responsive to his fans on Twitter. The 'Nice To Meet Ya' singer was praised for supporting one fans' lyrics.

In an adorable exchange, the Direction shared their song, asking "Niall are my lyrics sh**?", only for Niall to actually respond, saying "No they are good actually. Just watch your rhyme at the end of every second sentence.

"For instance 'when this is all over, I’ll find my love. I’ll run for forever to find what I’ve been dreaming of. Probably a bad example as I just used the first phrase ahahah."

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