Niall Horan Helped A Fan With Songwriting Lyrics In Adorable Twitter Exchange

24 April 2020, 15:17

Niall Horan helps song writing fan out on Twitter
Niall Horan helps song writing fan out on Twitter. Picture: Instagram @niallhoran/ Getty Images

Niall Horan's been helping a fan out with song writing on Twitter whilst working on his own music in lockdown, proving once again he's one of the nicest guys in pop!

Niall Horan's been getting super creative with songwriting whilst in lockdown, and has taken the time to help a fan with their own lyrics in what is a seriously adorable Twitter exchange.

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The 26-year-old 'No Judgement' singer replied to @MissIsabell about a song called 'When this is all over', asking for some feedback.

The former One Directioner was asked: "Niall are my lyrics sh**?"

Much to their surprise, he responded with some epic advice, imparting his wisdom onto the next generation of songwriters!

Niall replied: "No they are good actually. Just watch your rhyme at the end of every second sentence."

"For instance 'when this is all over, I’ll find my love. I’ll run for forever to find what I’ve been dreaming of.'"

"Probably a bad example as I just used the first phrase ahahah."

He's been chatting to fans a lot recently, having told them he's set up a studio in his London house where the creative juices are flowing and he's been writing music, saying he's been super productive whilst on lockdown!

From his software crashing to his amp breaking, he's updated fans with all of his solo recording endeavours, and its clear he's looking to add to his catalogue of work during this period.

Niall Horan chats to fans about the song writing process
Niall Horan chats to fans about the song writing process. Picture: Twitter @NiallOfficial

Sadly, Niall was forced to cancel his upcoming 'Heartbreak Weather' tour due to the pandemic, letting fans know he didn't feel right rescheduling dates until everything had blown over- so who knows, maybe he'll Ariana Grande us and give us two albums in one go?!

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