Niall Horan Helped A Fan Come Out To His Parents In A Gorgeous Way

31 August 2018, 11:02

Niall Horan Fan Meet And Greet
Niall Horan Fan Meet And Greet. Picture: Twitter (L); iTunes (R)

One of Niall Horan's fans has taken to Twitter to explain how the 'Slow Hands' singer recently helped him come out to his parents.

Niall Horan has done so much for his fans. After all, who else would you be willing to magically turn an arena into a giant Irish flag for?

A fan of Niall's, Garrett, recently met the One Direction band member, and it turns out that the 'Slow Hands' singer did a lot for him.

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Apparently, Garrett told Niall that the lyrics "I love you best when you're just yourself", from Niall Horan's song 'Since We're Alone', helped give Garrett the courage to come out to his parents.

Niall shared his story on Twitter, saying Niall smiled and congratulated Garrett as he left Niall's meet-and-greet session during his tour.

No. We're not crying. Much... Erm. Help.

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