Niall Horan Fans Magically Turn Arena Into Giant Irish Flag

30 August 2018, 11:38

Niall Horan's fans used mobile phones to create a huge Irish flag in the crowd of his recent live show.

Irishman Niall Horan has been travelling the world performing to massive crowds as part of his Flicker World Tour, but fans in America recently brought a bit of his homeland with them in the shape of a huge Irish flag made of lights.

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Ahead of Niall's live show in Cleveland, a group of fans had pulled together to set up a fan project encouraging different sections of the crowd to light up the arena with the green, orange and white of the Irish national flag.

The results were an amazing success and created a stunning spectacle inside the arena whilst Niall performed. It turns out the One Direction lad was a big fan of the project too, appearing to thank a fan in the crowd who had earlier told him about the project.

Niall fan Julie wrote on Twitter, 'So I had told Niall during the M&G that me and some people worked on something for tonight’s show and during Fire Away he recognized me from earlier (and he gives me a thumbs up at the end of the video)'.

Fans across America have been getting in on the act, with St Louis and various other places making Niall feel very much at home!

Niall's Flicker World Tour is set to end in Seprtember and from the incredible footage of his live performances which has flooded social media since his first live date back in Ireland earlier in the year, it looks like it's certainly been one to remember.

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