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Thursday, 4th February 2016

  1. Lawson Andy Brown 'Money' Video Lawson - 'Money'

    The 'Roads' four-piece are on fighting form in their party-themed video for the new track.

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Thursday, 14th January 2016

  1. '679' Music Video Fetty Wap Feat. Remy Boyz - '679'

    In true Fetty-style, the rapper hosts one of the flashiest parties going... And he's only gone and gave us a sneak-peek in the video for his hit '679'!

Wednesday, 13th January 2016

  1. 'Stitches' Music Video Shawn Mendes - 'Stitches'

    Shawn gets serious on us in the SECOND video for 'Stitches'. We've seen Hollywood dramas with less deep, emotional storylines!

Tuesday, 12th January 2016

  1. 'Get Ugly' Music Video Jason Derulo - 'Get Ugly'

    For a man who is SO good-looking, the music video for 'Get Ugly' just suits him SO well! Expect some incredible dance moves... Obviously.

Monday, 11th January 2016

  1. 'Amazing' Music Video Foxes - 'Amazing'

    If you've been begging to hit the road with your mates and haven't had the chance, don't worry - Foxes has got you covered. FYI... There will be cake and ice-cream.

  2. 'Dessert' Music Video Dawin feat. Silentó - 'Dessert'

    It's the BEST song to dance to, and it's quickly becoming our favourite video to watch too. I mean, a ice-cream truck filled with bikini-wearing babes and a dancing panda...

Wednesday, 6th January 2016

Tuesday, 5th January 2016

  1. Chris Brown - 'Fine By Me' Music Video Chris Brown - 'Fine By Me'

    In his latest video, Chris Brown turns into a legendary, fighting ninja and, well, that's fine by us! We're just waiting for him to be an unlockable character on 'Mortal Combat' tbf.

  2. Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Your Type' Music Video Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Your Type'

    We ALL know Carly's RIDICULOUSLY catchy tunes, don't we? How could we not?! But her latest is something a little different. And we couldn't love it more.

  3. Alessia Cara - 'Here' Music Video Alessia Cara - 'Here'

    When you're going to drop your first single, you better make sure it's a big one. That's exactly what Alessia Cara did with her cooler-than-cool anthem, 'Here'.

Friday, 1st January 2016

Wednesday, 23rd December 2015

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Monday, 14th December 2015

  1. Miley Cyrus BB Talk Music Video Miley Cyrus - 'BB Talk'

    Miley Cyrus has just out-weirded herself... And you literally HAVE to see it to believe it. We've never said "WTF?!" so many times a minute. And she does get VERY sweary so... 18+ ONLY!

Friday, 11th December 2015

Wednesday, 9th December 2015

  1. Sigala Sweet Lovin' Music Video Sigala - 'Sweet Lovin''

    The weather probably isn't as good here as it is in LA, so we're SO thankful for Sigala's latest video, which takes us on a MAJOR dance-fest through the USA.

  2. The Weeknd In The Night Music Video The Weeknd - 'In The Night'

    The Weeknd loves a fun music video - he's even set himself on fire in 'Can't Feel My Face' - but this one is the coolest yet... Expect villains, action and crazy hairstyles!

Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

  1. WSTRN In2 Music Video WSTRN - 'In2'

    Just TRY to deny that WSTRN's debut single, 'In2', is an absolute tune. Just try it! And believe us when we say we are really In2 the flash music video too!

Monday, 30th November 2015

Thursday, 26th November 2015

  1. 'Rest Your Love' Music Video The Vamps - 'Rest Your Love'

    What hasn't this got?! The Vamps gathered pretty much everyone they know (and then some more people) plus every toy, gadget and drink they can think of and made THE best video.

Tuesday, 24th November 2015

  1. Drake Hotline Bling Music Video Drake - 'Hotline Bling'

    It's the video everyone is talking about... And parodying! The 'Hold On, We're Going Home' rapper busts out his HUGELY notable dance moves for this piece.

  2. Format:B Chunky Chicken Music Video Format:B - Chunky

    A house party with a bongo-playing, headphone wearing chicken puppet. That's what to expect in the music video for Format:B's 'Chunky'.

Monday, 23rd November 2015

  1. Charlie Puth Piano One Call Away Charlie Puth - 'One Call Away'

    The 'Marvin Gaye' singer returns with a solo hit, One Call Away, which sees his powerful tones accompanied by a chilled, soulful piano piece... And it's everything you could hope for!