Snakehips feat. ZAYN - 'Cruel'

What else did you really expect? It's dark. It's mysterious. It's moody. And it couldn't be sexier if it tried.

If you're a fan of ZAYN - 'cos, why wouldn't you be? - you're in luck, because the Snakehips lads dropped the video for 'Cruel' and it's pretty much all about the ex-1D singer, himself.

Set in a world where all building are derelict and falling apart (but the lighting is exceptionally well-maintained, and pretty damn colourful), ZAYN struts his stuff and pouts to the camera in his steamiest video yet.

> It Looks Like Zayn Malik’s Finally Had His Tattoo Of Perrie Edwards Covered Up…

The 'Cruel' video is not only really well choreographed and insanely good to look at, but it's the perfect footage to take endless screenshots of. Please don't say that's just us doing that...


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